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  • LPQ is much better.

  • Something about their food just doesn’t do it for me. I like Corner Bakery. Ah well

  • There’s already an Au Bon Pain there. Is Union Station becoming Little Paris?!

  • Maintenant, tout le pain!

  • I like them both, but I prefer Corner Bakery. The food at LPQ often seems a little precious.

  • LPQ doesn’t seem like the best choice for a quick grab & go place.

    Also, this is the 3rd primarily sandwich shop in a row. Pret, ABP, and LPQ all basically sell the same stuff and they are right next to each other. A little more variety in this particular area of the station would have been appreciated.

    I’m not a fan of 90% of the food options in Union Station. Most of the stuff in the basement is terrible and the chain places all sell the same stuff (overpriced salad, soups, and sandwiches).

    The only redeeming things are the liquor store and the conveyor sushi joint.

    • The one up top or the one in the basement?

      • The sushi place in the basement is decent. The conveyor belt sushi restaurant on the main floor is better.

        I’ve only been to the liquor store in the basement. That place is awesome and makes my bi-weekly Amtrak rides much more enjoyable. However, the homeless alcoholic dudes that hang around Union Station can slow things down in there if you’re in a rush to grab a beer and run to your train.

    • I once tried to get a slice of pizza down there, and a GIANT roach crawled by just as they put it in the oven to heat up. The attendant saw my expression, looked behind himself and saw the roach, and looked back at me. We seemed to understand each other, and I simply walked away. Have not been back down there since.

      I know everyone else hated it, but I kind of miss that shitty little movie theater though.

      • brookland_rez

        When I lived on Parker St, I used to go to that theater because it was so convenient. But it was really poorly run. The attendants wouldn’t dim the lights when the movie started, and the people watching the movies would always be noisy. The movies were always mostly empty. Which is why the shut down I guess. I remember at the very end they put new seats in to try and get people in there, but it wasn’t the seats that made it suck, it was the way it was run.

    • I like Roti.

  • Corner Bakery is opening a location right at E St and North Capitol, so that probably explains why they are no longer there.

  • Quotidien no question.

  • The person that took these photographs is amazing. I love them!

  • I would have preferred a Cosi.

  • Hands down and by a mile LPQ.

  • Am I the only one that feels like these places are kind of apples and oranges? Isn’t LPQ a sit-down restaurant with waiter service, while CB is basically fast food?

    When I want to sit and linger, I like LPQ, but when I want quick and cheaper, I like CB. Both have pretty good food IMO.

    LPQ has nice atmosphere, but I wonder if it will translate in a busy place like Union Station with no windows etc. I’ve always thought they were slightly overpriced too.

  • I do love Quotidien, but a few months ago when I ate at the (now vacated) Corner Bakery I saw a mouse running on the ground in front of the counter…in the middle of the day….he almost ran right over this woman’s foot as she was ordering.
    Union Station – do better! People eat here!

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