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  • Been there half a dozen times.

    It’s fine. Nothing crazy. Simple concept. Menu is very limited and they do their fixing at the end of the bar (i.e. no kitchen, presumably they do the prep at Sundevich or Seasonal Pantry).

    The Ruben (using tongue) was quite good!

    Bartenders are funny and knowledgeable of local food/small business scene.

  • Live super close and was excited at the prospect of a cool neighborhood bar. One word: disappointing.

    1) The place looks unfinished (massive blank grey painted wall throughout)
    2) Cocktails were just okay. If they’re $10-$12 each, I expect some sort of “wow” factor.

    Also noteworthy, but not influencing my review at all: the disgusting couple next to me making out for literally twenty minutes (yes, I used the stopwatch feature on my phone)

    • Agreed. In addition, in the back room, the bar stools just barely fit under the “bar” (it’s a bartop mounted on the side wall, not a place where you can get drinks), so you can’t actually sit there without pulling the stools out and just awkwardly facing your companion. Strange design and seems like a mistake. I was also disappointed one night when my group was hanging out at this “bar” for a while, waiting for a table to open up, only to be told once we sat down at a table that it was reserved for a private party and we’d have to get up. Probably not going back for too many $12 cocktails. Too bad.

  • They should call it “AD&D” and let people play Dungeons and Dragons there.

  • Went in there on a random Tuesday night and sat at the bar. Had the meatloaf sandwich and it was great. The sweet potato chips that came with it were phenomenal as well. Wasn’t in a drinking mood and asked for a ‘bartenders ginger ale’…surprisingly not every bartender knows it, but the guy there did. Staff is friendly and it’s a decent neighborhood spot. Only suggestion would be to increase the lighting.

  • I love this place! The Patty Melt was insane. They are launching a new menu soon. Very friendly staff, tasty drinks. Folks in that neighborhood need a place that is not jammed with hipsters every night.

  • Good food, good drink selection, but yes: fairly terrible layout and decor. The unfinished gray wall in the front makes you feel gray and meh, and the back room seems to be a random assortment of tables thrown into a room. As the previous commenter noted, the back room bar top ledge and stools are awful places to perch.

  • I LOVE this place! Great drinks, great food, and wonderful staff. Great addition to the 9th and N vibe as well.

  • We really enjoyed our drinks when we went, but I second the opinion that the bar stools not fitting under the bar in the back were super annoying, didn’t make us want to linger. Also the poutine chips were so disappointing!

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