Former Horse’s Ass Award Nominee to get Developed in Bloomingdale


This former Horse’s ass award nominee on the 1800 block of North Capitol St, NW looks like it’s set to be developed soon. There is a sign posted out front that says funding is provided by City First Bank of DC.


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  • this was a notoriously bad apartment building. it was a good day when they boarded it up.

  • it’s amazing to me how little development has happened on north capitol. the NPR building, that new luxury condo building at m street, but thats about it. i mean even the old ginos pizza place at north capitol and florida is back to being a pizza place.

  • brookland_rez

    I used to live across the street from that place at R and N. Cap. The stretch of N. Cap from about K St up to RI Ave is kind of an economic dead zone. Hopefully they can get this area revitalized.

    I go by that building all the time and always wondered why no one has developed it.

    • Economic dead zone?? from Randolph north its basically all residential. Except for this disaster, every house is inhabited by pretty involved and pleasant people. Very few vacants and a nice mix of new people and old people. South of Randolph just gets worse and worse until you get to New York Avenue, which is the epicenter of all things crappy for miles around.

      • at randolph, the beauty salon is all but defunct. next to it on randolph is an eternally empty commercial space. next to jam doung is a comercial space that is empty. the market on the NE side sucks. when they renovated the place a handful of years ago, the owner said he would made sandwiches and have outdoor seating. instead, bulletproof bodega.
        the seaton market also sucks.
        a comercial space at rhode island and north cap ne is empty.
        all the comercial spaces on north cap north of ria suck.

  • Man, I’m glad that monstrosity is getting developed. I wait every morning at that bus stop & wonder what it looks like inside. Every possible entrance on the bottom 2 floors are cinder blocked shut.

  • do you have the original HA posting? what was this place before the cinder blocks?

  • The rear of that house of horrors looks straight down my alley. Despite several reliably feeble attempts to cordon off the rear of the building, sometime within hours someone else reliably tears it down; then reliably resumes their daily illegal dumping operation. Sofas, chairs, TVs….some really big and cumbersome shyt. Seems UNIMAGINABLE that the immediate neighbors don’t hear/see this stuff being unloaded and snap a picture or video. Perhaps they’ve done so and efforts have fallen on deaf ears down at City Hall….but dayum!

    • i had a conversation with a Ward 5 police officer one time and he mentioned that there are a number of fraudulent “junk” removal services that take things from the NW and then just find an alley somewhere discrete (especially in NE, but near NE too) and just dump their $hit. maybe this is one of those locations. which is why development of vacant properties is really good news for the community.

      • The GC’s that renovated my rowhouse on the Hill subbed out the trash removal and must have hired one of these companies. I got hit with a $1k fine for dumping a bunch of appliance boxes with my name and address all over them. Fought it and won since I had nothing to do with it. Would’ve taken it out of the GC anyway if it had stuck. But a shame people do this.

  • Now if only the city would take back the firehouse from Brian Brown and give it to someone who will actually develop it.

    • This was done late last year. It was sold to the same guy behind Shaw’s Tavern. Outside the debacle w/ their liquor license I quite like this establishment & hope they do something similar for the firehouse. While I’ve seen some activity it’s not progressing at quite the rate I was hoping.

      Article about the transfer:

      • Yeah, I think they are all old buds though and have the same poor business development record. Not expecting much anytime soon.

      • Aside that there doesn’t appear to be any transfer recorded (still nexgen owned). May and Fathi have been involved in this debacle for quite a while, so it looks like a shady deal all around. Probably an attempt to dodge a vacant tax classification while they get some other sucker to dump cash in.

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