Checking Out Awesome Row House Roof Decks Vol. 1


A readers sends this one from Petworth:

“Finished this on the 4th of July last year, time to watch the awesome PW fireworks. Took 1 week, with 2 people, when it was in the high 90s every day. At night we see bats flying through the big oaks in the alley, eating mosquitos that seem so far away. During the day peregrine falcons swoop down overhead. It’s like another world.”

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  • Any referrals for a carpenter who can do roof decks?

  • So if this is going to be a running feature, and the info is available (and you’re willing to share it): who built the deck and what did it cost you?

    Also, how do people create access to the roof — spiral stair from lower decks, new porthole in roof, expansion/convesrion of upper windows, etc.?

  • I think I see a possum in the shadows.

  • Looks very nice. But what are the PW fireworks?

  • I’ve been contemplating a deck over my porch off the master bedroom, but this makes me want a more secluded roof deck instead! Oooh, or maybe both, with the over-porch deck serving as the access point for the roof deck?? Man I better start saving pennies…

  • What is the permit process for Roof decks?

  • Answering questions for folks about the deck here. It’s about 12 X 16 feet. Took about $1700 in materials, which includes the steps down to the entrance. Labor probably would double it, but we have contractors in the family. Don’t build it unless you know what you’re doing!

    You access the deck through a pulldown ladder on the 2nd floor, which has a hatch above it to the roof. We built a sort of drawbridge that pulls down onto the pulldown ladder inside the house, so there’s no stepping on any roof material. We’d like to put in a spiral staircase from the ground, but it’s not really needed and would probably quadruple the entire cost.

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