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You can talk about whatever is on your mind โ€“ quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct peopleโ€™s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: Pizza!!!
    Rant: Salad ๐Ÿ™

  • Rant: WAAAAY too many shootings over in NE and SE in the last week or so
    Rave: I’ve still got my health

    • Agree! What the hell is going on with my neighborhood? ๐Ÿ™

    • Rant: Scary as heck really. PG County folks coming into town? Shooting up the place, killing innocent new arrival in cold blood. Way too many guns and bullets and thugs willing to use them around this town.

      • I think that’s where most of our crime is coming from. Unfortunately we’re the easiest affluent neighborhood to get to from PG County. I don’t normally say this, but more police presence is definitely needed! I think it is the only thing that will deter these criminals. First we were warned against walking home late at night, but now someone who drove home instead of walking gets gunned down. And shootings are happening in the middle of the afternoon (if I’d gone in to work yesterday there’s a good chance I would have gotten caught in the crossfire walking home). It seems there is little we can do to decrease the likelihood of being the victim of a violent crime.

      • Sigh. Crime down in PG and crime down in DC. Gotta blame someone I guess.

        • Stats to back that up? I believe murders are down, but not robberies, assaults and assaults with deadly weapons. So I guess it depends on what your idea of crime is.

        • Also, we’re talking specifically about Capitol Hill, which has been in the throes of a crime wave recently. And as reluctant as I am to blame it on PG County, that does seem to be where a lot of these criminals are coming from.

  • Rave: quiet streets and empty Metro buses
    Rant: NextBus app doesn’t work anymore – anyone know why? I know Metro is installing new systems. Did it take down NextBus (Light)?

  • Rant: Lost my favorite pair of hand knit gloves on the Metro yesterday afternoon. If anyone sees a pair of green gloves with a cable on the back, they’re mine (picture: http://www.flickr.com/photos/knitandrun/3184273511/in/photostream/). In know, they’re just gloves, but I made them!

    • As I knitter I know the feeling! Hope you find them. Put a request in the Metro Lost and Found system, if you haven’t already. They’re surprisingly good at recovering things.

  • Rant… I’m tired of being an Alcoholic… I drink hard liquor everyday and I’ve been doing that since I was teenager and I’m only 22, 23 in Feb. All liquor is boring to me now and that’s not a good thing..

    Rave: I plan to be sober 100% of the time starting Jan. 1st.

    • If this post is serious, don’t quit cold turkey. Alcohol withdrawal can be deadly. You should talk to your doctor about this and get some advice. If you’re doing it alone, wean yourself off of the booze by just having a couple of drinks a day before you quit. Good luck!

    • Good luck to you.

    • Please don’t wait. start now! If you know you have self control issues around alcohol then please, please, please don’t put yourself in a situation new year’s eve that could result in very bad consequences. Start today! Find a meeting!

  • Rave: Having a happy healthy holiday with friends and family back home.

    Rave/Rant: Moving out of DC soon.

    Rant: Do cobblers NOT repair rubber heels? Is this an impossibility? I’ve taken my boots to two dry cleaners/’expert shoe repairs’ shops in Adams Morgan and have been turned away twice. Does anyone have recommendations on where I can get a fresh set of rubber heels for my boots?

    • There’s a shoe repair guy on 16th and U st that seems to be more capable than others. Also more expensive. But he was the only one who was willing to replace metal zippers on my boots, so give them a call.

    • Visit Aaron in Clarendon. He’s the BEST cobbler I’ve ever found.

      A-1 Clarendon Valet
      3110 Washington Boulevard
      Arlington, VA 22201
      (703) 522-1340

      If Aaron can’t fix it, no one can. He’s performed major miracles for me. He’s also one of the most humble, modest men I know.

    • saf

      Go see Philip, Upshur Street across from Domku. If it can be fixed, he can fix it.

  • Rave: Wonderful Christmas with the family.

    Minor Rant: Back at work.

  • Rant: Finally have come down with the cold my wife and kid have had for days now. Earache, sore throat, sneezy, watery eyes.

    Rave: Florida sunshine, here I come!

  • Rant: I get angry at any little thing. I seethe at the office and slam doors at home. I am angry for no reason at the smallest mistake I or others make. Ican barely tamp down the anger even when I realize it is entirely irrational. I worry I am losing control and am baffled at why.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Anger can be a symptom of depression. I don’t know if that’s the case with you, just putting it out there.

      • Could be. Thanks for the thought.

      • saf

        Agreed. It can also indicate frustration.

        Have you thought about a few rounds with a counselor? Might help you to identify what’s going on.

        • As a response: 1: usually counselling sessions are for 1 hour, and they can be scheduled after work. No issue there. 2: stigma…who do you have to tell about it? You don’t have to tell anyone you’re going for counselling, and most likely you don’t need a prescription to deal with your problems. 3: do you have insurance? If so, it’s just a co-pay. 4: Yes, it will work if you go into it willing to work. You should also find someone you feel comfortable with, so it may take a few tries to find someone. Good luck.

        • Anonymous, it sounds like you’ve talked yourself out of it without even trying it.

          I don’t remember what the counseling-related questions were last time I went through the process of getting a security clearance, but they didn’t bar me from getting one. (Admittedly, this wasn’t a very high-level clearance.)

          You don’t generally get prescriptions from counseling — under managed care, it’s generally psychologists and social workers doing talk therapy, and psychiatrists doing “medication management” (with very little talking involved).

          If you have a family, all the more reason to get counseling for anger issues, IMO.

        • Emmaleigh504

          Also, many employers have confidential programs that will pay for a certain number of counselling sessions. That way small things can be taken care of without work finding out and at little to no cost to the employee. If it’s something more serious they can help get things started to fix it. They are called something like Employee Assistance Programs, check your benefits and see if you have one.

        • saf

          What the anon above said.

          If you don’t want to go, you will find excuses not to. Just admit you don’t want to go.
          If you go unwillingly, it will probably not work, because you will want it not to work.

          But give it a fair shot. Really. I found it incredibly useful in trying to figure out how to get myself unstuck when I landed in a rut (both personal and professional.) I am in a much better place now, and much better able to figure out how to cope when things head off track.

          ” I worry I am losing control and am baffled at why.” This would help you figure out why. And what to do about it. And what you really want/need to control.

          Stigma – first, I think the stigma is gone, except in the minds of the ever-decreasing few. Second, do you want to give up a chance at peace because someone might look down his/her nose at you?

          Expense – there are plenty of affordable ways to get help. If you’re a religious person, talk to your pastor, rabbi, imam, or other such figure. If you are alumni of a local college, look into services available through the university. If you have insurance, it is just a co-pay. If you are employed, you can usually get a few confidential sessions for free through your employee assistance program.

          Logistics – if you felt ill, physically, all the time, and you had a chance to feel better by going to the doctor regularly for a while, wouldn’t you do it?

          And finally – you say you have a family. I assume you are using this in the “i am married/partnered with offspring” sense. If so, it is even more important to do something about this. Do you think your family hasn’t noticed? Do you think your family isn’t concerned? Don’t you think they would rather have you well, happy, and a full participant in life?

    • I find it can happen to me if I haven’t down something to let off steam – so going for a walk, closing my eyes for a little bit, getting in my workouts – they all help me manage my frustrations and anger better. Also, when I’m hungry I have way less patience.
      Good luck!

  • Rave: Woke up to the most adorable cat purring in my face.
    Rant: Woke up to the most adorable cat purring in. my. face. We were touching noses. It was actually kind of startling.
    Rave: Awesome company for the upcoming weekend and New Years holiday.
    Rant: Working NYE, going to try to get it off, but not looking great…

    • I once woke up to a cat on my chest satring me in teh face… adn without thinking out it, I hurled off me and off the bed. I was visiting frinds and didn’t even know they had a cat and I was definitely not used to cat ways. The cat was fine but for years afterwards when I’d visit he’d run for the door and stay outside as much as he could until I was gone.

      • saf

        Ha – I did that to my Elsa cat once. I was having a nightmare about someone staring in my face, and I flung her across the room because she was the one standing on my chest and staring in my face.

        She forgave me, but she never stood on my chest and stared in my face again. Although Loki cat did it all the time, and she never minded when she got launched. She just came back…

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Woke up grumpier than normal.

    Rave: Too cool for words friend admitting to listening to Katy Perry all day today.

  • Rave: Heading home for the afternoon to get in a run with my husband and then work from home with him.
    Rant: House is a mess!
    Rave: Being home. I love my family. I love Christmas. I love Jersey. But I love being in my home with my husband so much.

  • Rave: Love this picture! I walk by the Ted’s bakers every morning on my way to work, and they always look so happy. Almost makes me want to quit my office job and become a baker.

  • Rave: SO and I decided to gift each other a cooking class for Christmas. So excited, has never taken one and can’t wait!

    Rant: miss snow and real winter.

  • Revel: I think it’s so neat that we live in such a rich and cocky country that we pay our leaders big bucks to come to DC to play chicken with our national finances.

  • Rant: I’m hate that DC has their panties in a bundle over the David Gregory clip, but I’m curious as to what Popville thinks. Gregory was taking the NRA to task on high capacity ammunition and used a magazine as a prop. Since Meet the Press was filmed in DC, and DC forbids magazine clips in the district, NBC/Gregory are in violation of DC code.

    This strikes me as incredibly tone deaf. The police department is trying to score some sort of political points by going after David Gregory; he is hardly a violent felon. I’d rather the PD go after criminals and solve crime, like the Jason Emma case, or the yet unsolved death of Michael Manuel Moss-Cornish, who was shot in my alley in 2010.

    • See my post below, he’s being a hypocrite. Grilling the NRA guy for more gun control laws while circumventing the ones on the books and disregarding the MPD police officer who told them not to use it. He could have easily shown file footage to get the same point across…

      • I agree with you – Gregory is being a hypocrite. Even exalted journalists, even in DC, need to obey the law, especially when (as it’s being reported) he’d been specifically told by MPD that it would be illegal.

  • Rant: Tired of all the hypocrisy… How can David Gregory sit there and grill the NRA about not supporting more gun laws when he and his staff themselves are not following them.

    • I wonder if Gregory hires a gun carrying bodyguard to protect him.

      • He doesn’t. I have seen him in Glover Park with his family a few different times. I am not sure what all the hullabaloo is about. There is no way David Greggory is a threat to the citizens of DC. I think an admonishment from the police is all that is needed here. Some type of prosecution would serve no purpose.

        • I’m not a gun nut anyway whatsoever but I think he should be put to task for this. From the information I’ve seen he clearly violated the law on the books and if it was you or I, we would be dealing with the legal system right now. It’s like George Clooney and the other celebrities getting arrested for protesting, they know they are breaking the law and they deal with the arrest. D Gregory is not above the law, these laws are there for a reason and if one thinks the law is dumb, then any gun control law should be dumb.

          • And really – if we expect gun control laws to work, how can we justify giving this guy a pass? Maybe he shouldn’t go to jail, but this can’t beignored either.

  • Minor Rant: Back in the office but not really minding it.
    Rave: Santa gave me a new girlfriend for Christmas. Online dating, your services are no longer required. You are hereby dismissed.

  • Rave: Great meal and service at the Coupe.
    Rave: Love living in Columbia Heights!

  • Rant: TD Bank. Today, after using a TD Bank ATM ($3 fee) I went inside to request four $50 bills in exchange for $200 in twenties for the use of xmas presents. They asked if I was a customer. I explained that I am not because I’m military and therefore use USAA. USAA has no storefronts, which is common knowledge. The teller says “we have a strict policy of not supporting USAA members.” In a city like DC, I thought fellow POPers would find this outrageous. It’s a slap in the face of military families. I visited Wells Fargo who gladly helped me and said they welcome all USAA business. I visited two other banks to find out their policies as well and they too were willing to help. I know there are a litany of reasons to hate TD, thought I’d add one more to the mix.

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