Looks Like Bobby Lew’s Saloon has Closed in Adams Morgan

2006 18th Street, NW

A reader sends word that Bobby’s Lew Saloon located at the bottom of Adams Morgan at 2006 18th Street, NW has closed. When I stopped by to confirm they were closed as well. While there was no closed sign on the door, their phone number has been disconnected and their twitter and facebook pages have gone dormant. Anyone know how long they’ve been closed?

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  • SAdMo is really living up to its name.

  • They’ve been closed at least 3-4 months.

  • It is a barber shop, Wise Owl Club.

  • I think this place is (or was) owned by the same guy who ran the bar that was called Angry Inch and a half dozen other names over the last five years. So maybe it’s time for it to re-open totally unchanged, except for the name.

  • Closed in September

  • ThunderCheese

    It usually looked closed from the outside so difficult to tell when they were really closed. It didn’t offer much besides cheap beer and friendly conversation, in an atmosphere of taxidermy and broken video games.

  • By coincidence, I was at an Alcoholic Beverage Control Board hearing for Bobby Lew’s a few (IIRC) years ago. Apparently they weren’t selling nearly enough food to meet the requirements for maintaining their liquor license.

    I thought they were shuttered ever since that, but each time I walked past it ‘seemed’ something was going on indoors regardless of the door always being closed and the blinds closed.

  • Bobby Lews was a little peice of ____ but I confess to enjoying it. The had a slew of former Midtown bartenders and bouncers who are good people. I also saw White Ford Bronco a few times there, sometimes you could catch a good live act there. Previous readers are right this has been closed since late August. They will need to gut the insides to put another bar there.

  • Bobby Lews closed in September. Just not enough business to keep it open. A good friend of mine was the manager and despite their best efforts, there just wasn’t enough interest in the bar to remain open. In terms of them selling food – they did not have a license or kitchen so they would allow you to bring food into the bar from local eateries.

    • No license to sell food or no license to sell alcohol?

      Seems like the problem all along was they had a CR license – i.e. a license to sell alcohol so long as they (a restaurant) sold a certain amount of food.

      Word is they only had a deep-fryer. That’s it!

      I feel bad for these guys. I truly believe they just didn’t understand the law when they opened the place.

      Anyone know how they were able to even stay open since the 2009 ABRA ruling? Was it just a completely illegal op?

  • Now where will we go for cheap beer and terrible atmosphere in Admo!?! How about turning this place into something that is actually needed in the area, like a good red sauce italian joint (that doesn’t make you stand in line outside).

    On another note, is there a reasons Admo is filed with these empty shells all the way along 18th street? Right now there are at least 7 places that never reopened after their last closure.

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