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Random Reader Rant and/or Revel

by Prince Of Petworth December 11, 2012 at 10:00 am 52 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user Massoud Adibpour

You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

  • Anonymous

    Question: when did the site switch from the name Prince of Petworth to simply PoPville? Sometime in the last month? Anyway, it probably makes sense since Dan covers the whole city.

  • Sad: my boss is ill, and she’s the best boss in the world. fingers crossed it isn’t serious.

    Husband is on a business trip far away, and it sucks that i have to do all the dog walking. And coffee making. And dishwasher loading and unloading. And garbage out-taking. And car maintenance.

    Man, I’m lucky. :)

  • Rant: spotting last night and this morning – admittedly very little – but enough to freak me out, particularly after a loss last Spring. And my wife is in San Francisco this week.

    RAVE: my friend works in my midwife’s office, and got me into an appointment first this this morning – and we heard a nice strong heart beat on the doppler. Still coming off the adrenaline, but feeling alright with the world.

    Lol – my wife is never going to leave me behind on a trip again (was reluctant to go as it was!) after I tell her about this. Oy.

    • I know it’s freaky – spotting is normal, just keep taking it easy (as you know). Glad you were able to get it checked out, though, to help calm your fears!

      • Indeed – and I knew, rationally, that all was probably fine. But was glad to get it checked out just to be sure. And my friend & midwife were awesome & both gave me hugs after hearing the heartbeat. Super supportive :)

  • Rant: Morning people, they should all be executed.

    Rant: The apocalypse, I’m not going to survive it. My bathtub doesn’t hold water for more than a few hours, and I really love hot showers.

    Rave: I have plans to loot all the drug stores as soon as the apocalypse happens. I’ll be able to barter antibiotics & Advil for hot showers until the fine young cannibals get me.

    • Marcus Aurelius

      That’s funny. I had my first ever “running from zombies in the post apocalypse world” dream Sunday night. I attribute it to withdrawl from The Walking Dead – damn you midseason finales!

      • I watched The Road Sunday. That’s when I figured out I’m not gonna make it.

        • Have you _read_ The Road? I’m a huge Cormac McCarthy fan, but that is one book I never want to live through again. Great book, yeah, but I spent the next six months thinking, What’s the point? We’re all gonna die. The movie doesn’t come anywhere close to the bleakness of the book.

          • I haven’t read it. I read a similar but less grim book (the name escapes me) and that’s what I thought the movie was. I may have to give The Road a try and see how it compares to the other book about a father and son in a post apocalypse world.

          • I finished reading The Road while I was commuting home from work on the 70 bus. I was hysterical, crying so hard I couldn’t breathe very well. No one on the bus even noticed. I just a normal run-of-the-mill crazy lady wailing on the bus.
            I haven’t seen the movie, although I luvre me some Viggo Mortenson, I’m afraid it won’t live up to my expectations.

      • I just went to K-mart – believe me zombies are real and already here.

    • tip: become friends with some good christian family, when the rapture happens, take over their house! make sure they have a nice working bathtub ;)

      • But what if they don’t get raptured and then I’m stuck with them? I think looting the drug store is the best way to go.

  • Rave: Running in shorts in December
    Rant: Climate change making December shorts weather
    Rave: Saw a bunny on my run!

  • TG

    Rave: The christmas spirit of little kids is infectious. One of the best parts of being a parent is getting to see the world anew and to leave the cynicism of adulthood behind for a bit.

  • Huge Rave: I feel like I’ve come out of a slump today… finally! Clear head, happier demeanor. I think I thrive on cooler weather.

    Rave #2: My “family” of pets makes me so happy every day. Everyone knows their routine and does it perfectly, and cuddling is always on the agenda. Even the cat’s xmas tree climbing isn’t causing big problems. If they ever design children to be so easy, I may consider buying one.

    Rave #3: I’m going to Chipotle right now.

  • Anonymous

    Rant: Someone in my office is torturing me with their Wawa container. Where’d they get Wawa from?! And why didn’t they get me any?! ;-)

    Rave: So excited with my christmas gifts for family – I really think everyone will love what I got them. Thanks to PoPville for their help with my hard-to-buy-for brother.

    Rave: Riding in short sleeves – not freezing on the metro platform. I’m certainly all for winter weather but sometimes it’s nice to have a little glimpse of warmth!

    • Britt

      That was me – woops!
      Additional rave: Holes in our wall from electrical work finally getting fixed!! I tried to do it myself but I’m not so adept at sanding and spackling…

  • Rant: Found two spider crickets in my house yesterday. I hate these bugs more than any other bug (well, except house centipedes). They are big and freaky looking and really hard to kill. Ugh, gross. I hate when I am outnumbered by bugs.

    Rave: Just listened to this awesome TED talk about body language and confidence and now I feel like superwoman: http://www.ted.com/talks/amy_cuddy_your_body_language_shapes_who_you_are.html

    • anon

      Tip: Get a cat. They eat the shit out of spider crickets.

      • Anonymous

        I don’t know. Mine just plucked their legs off and left the carcass, which was somehow even worse than dealing with an able-bodied cricket.

        • Sadly the landlord does not allow pets. I wish she did, because I hate when it is just me vs. the spider crickets.

          • Anonymous

            Vacuum them! I used to live in a basement apartment and they were all over the place, but they are slow moving enough that you can pick them off.

    • House centipedes are great to have around – they eat all kinds of other bugs, including cockroaches, fleas & bedbugs.

  • Anonymous

    RANT: The proposed color schemes for DC taxis are ridiculous!! Why are they making something that should be so simple so difficult. The taxis should be ONE florescent color! Not only would this make sense in terms of making it easy to spot them, but the cost of having multiple colors painted on a car would be more expensive for the taxi drivers.

    • Anonymous

      And the typos on the prototypes! C’mon, DC.

  • JoeEq74

    Rave – Economy is improving and…
    Rant- It looks like vacation rental prices are up. I thought I would get best price / selection by booking this early for summer 2013, nope. The house we rented last year is 25% more per week this summer (and already booked for the whole season.) We either have to lower expectations or go with a bigger more expensive house and add another couple (or two) to rental mix to split costs. That seems like such a headache and how do you fairly divide costs when some rooms have bathrooms others do not. Will everyone blend well? Is there general rental house cost etiquette? (This clearly is not a huge deal but I really would like to bring family and friends together for a fun, stress free vacation)

    • I think the best way to do it, if you are really concerned, is a bidding system.

      One person runs the thing. For example, you agree to run it. If there are three rooms with bathrooms, and two without, then you have everyone submit a number that they would pay to have an on-suite bathroom. So +50, +200 etc. The three highest numbers pay that amount (or an average of all three) in addition. So say the average is +100. If the place costs $5,000 for the week, then the three people who get the bathrooms pay $1040, and the two without bathrooms pay $940. Certainly the fairest way to do it, if you are willing to put in the effort.

      • Where are you looking? Beach? Moutains? I know a great place on a bluff overlooking the Shenandoah river near Front Royal.

      • A bidding war amongst family and friends sounds like the worst way to start a group vacation unless they are economists and MBAs. Of course then it would just be the worst vacation. :D

        • Anonymous

          Im an economist and your comment negatively impacted my total utility at a substantial marginal rate……oh, now I see what you were getting at

    • I’ve organized lots of group rentals with my groups of friends. My rule is that everyone pays the same price, regardless of rooms or amenities. So much easier that way.

      Other rules:
      -The organizer gets first dibs on the room they want. They put up all the money and organized the trip, so they get first choice.
      -The rest of the rooms are first come, first served.
      -If you have a room with a bathroom, you need to share it with others who don’t have their own. You can’t claim a monopoly on “your” bathroom.

      These rules have served me well. In all honesty, people usually only spend 10% of their trip in their bedroom. Having a big kitchen, large commons areas, and a pleasant outside area are waaaaaaaay more important.

      Sorry to hear about prices going up. I need to start looking into my weekend rental for Memorial Day.

  • Veezy

    Rave: Just learned about edX courses (https://www.edx.org/courses for reference)! So excited to take part in that.

    Rant: None available right now.

    Rant: Coworkers driving me nuts, and my commute is awful.

    Rave: At least I’m not unemployed, and if I’ll goes well, I’ll be back in school full time starting next summer.

  • Bear425

    Rave: First call with the client on the big new project went well. I managed to not sound totally overwhelmed and in over my head…which is kind of how I feel. Yay for at least being able to sound like I’m on top of things!

    Rant: I was so nervous about said call that I didn’t really sleep last night. So. Tired.

  • Anon

    Rant: My mom is being immature and pissy. When I told her I would have to be very minimal on Christmas presents this year she got all offended and told me that fine, well she wouldn’t do any either because it wouldn’t be fair. This of course does not factor in the $400 I spent on plane tickets to come visit her.
    Rave: Still smitten and it’s getting better every day.
    Rant: Haven’t done any of said minimal Christmas shopping yet.

    • CG

      That’s terrible, sorry your mom is being a pain :(

    • Rave – your minimal shopping won’t take as long!

      I agree with this – and am generally frustrated with family gift giving. I tried to get my siblings and step-siblings to do an annual gift exchange as a way to get closer. It has been an utter failure and after five years we are done doing it. They don’t plan, put thought into it or thank anyone for organizing it. My 30 year-old stepbrother still asks his dad for money to buy gifts and buys them on the 23rd/24th. Thankfully this tradition wont’ be part of this year’s Christmas. I’m replacing it by hosting a happy hour for all with 3 holiday cocktails and load of appetizers.

  • Rant: Having a tired and defeated and close to tears kind of morning. In my ideal world, it would be perfectly socially acceptable to curl up under a desk for an afternoon.

  • JoeEsq74

    RANT – 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 etc. McMillan – Can preservationists, developers and DC gov get together a plan that helps remedy flooding , adds some development and makes the site beautiful and accessible to the public, PLEASE?!?!?

  • AnononTuesday

    Rant: Popville, how do I deal with a coworker that has just joined and has a penchant for interrupting me to answer questions that she knows nothing about? It’s like some kind of tic. I understand that she wants to seem informed and useful, but it’s actually very rude. Please help, I don’t want to snap at her but this drives me nuts.

    Rave: Second the commenter who feels like a long-term cloud has been lifted today. Despite the little challenges, things are looking up.

    • DC20009

      At some point you will just have to tell your co-worker that you prefer to not be interrupted. And once you’ve said it gently two or three times (as ou probably will) then I am not so sure that snapping would be such a bad thing. If you can do it without cursing him/her out, a little snap might get the point across.

  • Rant: spending the day at the permit center, the pain is unbearable!

  • rant: the woman I went to for spa visits (Shae at Bliss) left! Anyone have a recommendation for a new spa? I want to go when I have a day off to use up use-or-lose.

    rant: petty crime. Petty is right. I really would love to see foot patrols, but that said, I never see cops in our area besides parked outside the shitty chinese restaurant eating bad food while facebooking.

    rave: 2012 is almost over. 2013 will have a stressful start, but hopefully that will be for our greater good

    • Anonymous

      Shae is gone? Boo! It’s been a while, due to money issues and just general business, but I’d been meaning to go back to Bliss one of these days. I used to go for um…a lady-service, let’s call it..and Shae’s was the least-painful of any aesthetician I’ve visited, anywhere, bar none.

  • Rave: Co-worker just gave me a Werther’s Original. Mmmm…

    Rant: Contacts clawing at my eyes for the past few days. Thankfully I brought my glasses to work, just in case.

    Rave: Going to free/pre-screening of the movie “Promised Land” tonight!

    Rave: Spent an hour painting flowers in “employee morale”. I’ve never painted before but its a good time!


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