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  • I’d be interested to see how big the layout is, but it looks about right. Fine deal.

  • If it includes the deck, this is an incredible deal I would say…

  • Allison

    Need more photos (bedroom? bathroom?) and information on the people that live above (dogs? children? other stompy things?) but on its face looks like good deal.

  • I’m thinking the apartment is everything UNDER the deck, which, to me, says DARK. No way I’d pay that much for a dark basement one bedroom.

  • From the lack of pictures, it looks like the bedroom is in the kitchen. I’m pretty sure the deck will be reserved for upstairs residents… The listing doesn’t detail utilities covered or not and whether pets are allowed.

    • That would be awfully un-neighborly if true that you can’t use the deck that is right outside your window (and blocking your sunlight)!

      • Um, it’s their deck. Perhaps their bedroom are those windows. Frankly I don’t want anyone (neighbor or not) hanging out right outside my bedroom window.

        I have a similar setup in Columbia Heights where we are the first floor and have the deck. The understanding is the deck is ours and not anyone else’s to use.

  • Definitely needs more photos/information. Why is there no photo of the front entrance — perhaps there *is* no front entrance, and the tenant would have to enter through the alley??

    Hard to tell from the photo of the kitchen, but I’m wondering if the refrigerator doors have been mounted to open the “wrong” way (i.e., toward the wall, rather than toward the rest of the kitchen). The fridge is jammed so tightly against the wall that I’m not sure if there’s enough room for the doors to open in the other direction.

    If the unit is newly renovated, it shouldn’t be a matter of the owner or agent not having access to the unit. The lack of interior photos other than the one of the kitchen makes me wonder if the renovation is in progress and not yet completed.

  • Only 1600 to live in a dark basement with an entrance in the alley?


    Let us mourn the death of affordability in D.C.

  • kstove

    I live close to this house and actually got a tour of the whole place recently from the contractor doing the renovation. For the most part I believe all of the work is complete and everything does look very nice. The basement apartment does have it’s own front entrance and back exit, but I was not impressed with the layout. When you walk in it’s a combination dining area/kitchen. The den is a separate room next to the bedroom which I thought was very strange. I also don’t think the price is so great since I rent a similar place (with a better layout) for only $1400.

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