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  • YAY! One less reason to go to VA!

  • Whoa! This is huge. Very smart on Petco’s part.

  • My only hope is that it’s less smelly than the one in CP. It’s so gross over there.

  • Great googly-moogly, that’s exciting! I hate the Petco in Cleveland Park.

    • Yeah, I do too. Once I bought a case of cat food that had a dead mouse trapped under the plastic wrap. We kept wondering where the smell coming from and we tossed out a perfectly good bag of dry food thinking it was in the bag. Finally, in frustration, I picked up the case and there was dead mouse slime on the floor. I took the case to the back door and flung it out into the grass. The next day I called Petco headquarters and explained how filthy the store was and that with all the rodent droppings all over the shelves they were asking for a lawsuit.

  • Any word on whether it’ll be an “Unleashed by Petco” or a straight-up Petco?

  • Will this be an Unleashed by Petco or a regular Petco? I’m hoping for the latter so I can get my dog groomed there!

  • Let’s continue to support the independent pet supply shop on 11th street!

  • Agree! The 11th St shop is so nice and the more business they have, the better the prices and the options. I can’t get my cat’s food at Petco anyway.

  • YES! FINALLY! I’ve been hoping for one for years, even before DCUSA opened. This is really, really great news. I can’t necessarily afford the premium brands carried at the 11th street pet store because I am feeding multiple pets, and so Petco is a great development.

    • Larry and Marcus at the 11th Street store (Claws and Paws, I believe) will special-order just about anything you want!

      • I have not had luck with them on this front. I called and asked for soft paws. They said they’d order some and start to carry them. I stopped by a week later and they had no idea what I was talking about.

    • One other new place that’s sells premium and non-premium animal food is Costco. And a new Costco is opening at the end of the month in Fort Lincoln off of Bladensburg Road near the Home Depot.

  • This will do very well, Highland Park has a enough dogs to keep this place going.

    Will this be going into the Ellwood Thompson’s Grocery store space? I have noticed that it doesn’t have for lease signs up anymore and there seems to be a lot of construction type material all over the floor.

    Anyone have an ETA? Hopefully it is quick!

  • There are enough 20 something needy I-have-to-have-a-dog females in Columbia heights to keep this place going. Good job petco!

  • I’ll still go to my independently-owned pet stores.

  • Am I the only tropical fish guy in DC? Will be great to have that here so I don’t have to drive up to College Park.

  • Meh. PetCos are good for just about nothing. I would not recommend grooming there (they spray that stinky stuff all over your dog at the end) but I would also not recommend grooming at Claws & Paws. Anyway, is what we need another big box store in CoHi? I can get my dog’s food at Claws & Paws and feel good about it. My experiences with PetCos have, across the board, made me feel sleazy. The lighting is always dim and gross and they’re rarely clean. If you hate any other PetCo, you’ll probably hate this one, too.

    • I’ve gotten my dogs groomed at Petcos in the suburbs and they do a good job. I tried supporting my local groomer but they couldn’t handle one of my dogs and I’m not sure they’d let him come back. Petco did charge a $20 handling fee last time that I wasn’t thrilled about, but at least they got the job done.

      I don’t know what stinky stuff you’re talking about– I think you can pay extra for a “cologne” spritz at the end but it’s definitely not part of the basic package.

    • Claws and Paws has a really limited selection for cat food, I’ve found. I use Amazon Prime for now but Petco generally carries the higher end brands in good variety.

    • I hate the pee-stank Petco in CP. But I happened to stop by one on Richmond Highway just south of Alexandria this Sunday, and found it to be quite pleasant (and was surprised at the high-end foods they’ve started to carry). So I don’t think it’s fair to say all Petcos are the same.

  • With all the pet owners in the area, Petco will do very well. The one in Cleveland Park sure seems to.

  • I agree Mr. Larry’s is great, but he doesn’t carry crickets. Petco will be a great addition to the neighborhood for reptile owners.

  • Great another chain retailer in the nehiborhood, to go along with the awesome chain resturants. I can’t wait till we get an Applebees!

    • I hope you’re serious b/c the Bee’s is the bomb.

    • You know what I was really looking forward to – that space remaining empty for years to come and produce no jobs or revenue. That would have been so awesome. Please! Competition is good. Businesses need to adapt and continue to fill the customer’s needs. Personally, happy to see another business choosing (b/c it is their choice) to open up in the neighborhood.

  • OH MY GOD THIS IS AMAZING! I mean really it’s life changing. Darth Vader the Cat is going to have so many toys. I mean ALL THE TOYS. This is the best thing that has ever happened to Darth Vader the Cat.


  • YES! I won’t shop in Virginia and the trek to Cleveland Park is a pain from H St NE. I buy most of my dog’s stuff from Metro Mutts, but they don’t have her food (Science Diet). Yes, I think they’ll do great at that location.

  • I’d like to support the local Claws and Paws. And for food, that’s a possibility. But they had a very small selection of toys, leashes and other accessories that make a Petco welcome news.

  • I don’t have a pet but I’m just glad that space will finally be filled!

  • I wonder if the store in Cleveland Park will close after this one opens? I agree there are a lot of pet owners and demand for a pet store, but I’m not sure the area will support two of the same store in such close proximity.

  • Frankly, this is much needed.

  • I like the idea of local shops – but small local pet shops just don’t make sense. 90% of a pet store is simply big bags of stuff. It just doesn’t work on a small scale. Even leashes, collars etc. – you buy one every ten years. Heartworm & flea meds? – buy them online. I just don’t see how a small neighborhood pet-supply store could ever work.

  • Ugh… Dog lover and have a good…. don’t think I’ll ever set food in another PetCo. I’d rather see a World Market or something along those lines…

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