Satellite Room Opens Today behind the 9:30 Club

2047 9th St, NW

ICYMI we checked out the menu here last week. The is gonna be a great spot to hit before/after shows at the 9:30 club. I checked out a pre-opening last night and the food was delicious. It was a bit dark but here’s a few photos of the inside:

A few more photos after the jump.

outdoor bar

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  • Exciting and looking forward to checking it out, but if Bud Lights are still $6/bottle I’ll probably still chill somewhere else before shows.

    • It’s expensive to drink out in DC. Accept that. Not every place is going to offer you a $3 Bud Light. In fact, 99% of DC bars do not offer you that deal.

  • Looks great. Maybe it’ll push Duffy’s to start making food that is actually edible.

  • Went last night and it was fantastic – especially given that it was their opening night. The service was great (and cute). The food was delicious, and the space is awesome. This place is going to make a killing, off both the 930 Club shows and the exploding neighborhood around it.

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