Fri. Afternoon Rental Option – Former Republic Gardens on U Street

The former Republic Gardens is located in a prime location at 1355 U Street, NW.

The listing says:

“Once known as Republic Gardens nightclub. Almost at the intersection of 14th & U. Tremendous potential. Accurate bldg & lot measurements are currently unavailable. MRIS tax record posts incorrect measurements for bldg.Near newest condos, apartments, restaurants, government offices as well as night life & entertainment.High traffic & visability. Small Bsmt. Leased as is & triple net.”

It’s going for $19,000/Mo.

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  • At one point around 1997 I was about to buy State of the Union next door. It’s still vacant after all these years. Amazingly depressing… Busta Rhymes PDiddy, Pharell, and Timbaland used to hang out around there all the time during Howard Home Comming.

    • What was it going for back then?

    • it is sad… i remember state of the union back when, it was awesome… very cool, very chill…my best friend met her husband at republic gardens. it was a different time back in 97… now it will be some sad little excuse for coolness bringing in children from the burbs… shame

      • in 1999-2000 my roommate used to spin at State. Crowds were cool, but it was a physically disgusting place to have to set up in. They used to have burn pounds of incense every day to cover the stench.

      • Yeah, things along U Street and 14th were AMAZING back in 1997. They were even better in 1992. Things like public safety, schools, property values, and commercial activity were booming back then. Oh wait, they weren’t. Let’s not remember things better than they really were, m’kay?

        • who are you to say what someone recalls? your selective memory is negative. someone else’s is positive. let it be.
          i remember u street back in 97 too. cheaper food. cheaper drinks. definitely a cooler chiller vibe. kaffa house. state of the union. there were some great places there. if you din’t like the vibe back then, so be it. some of us did.

  • Before someone rents it, they’ll need to rouse the sleeping homeless guys off the stoop.

    • or invite them in for a drink since they’ve probably been hanging there longer than the transplants who walk around talking sh*t like they’ve lived here forever……

      • Agreed. Zero_sum, come back here when you’ve slept in the neighborhood as long as the local vagabonds have. Until then you don’t have any credibility.

        • I honestly don’t care that the homeless guys sleep there. One of them panhandles down at the 7/11 and I give him some change or offer to buy a coffee when I see him. So put that in your pipe and smoke it.

      • Yeah, I mean, who doesn’t love a troupe of vomitting bums hanging out on a doorstep constantly. A fantastic addition to every neighborhood. (This too is sarcasm. It’s pretty clear that Anon @ 4:04 doesn’t have to walk by this group of nasty every day like I do. Or step over the vomit they leave CONSTANTLY. And I think to myself every time — god I cannot wait until a legitimate business moves in and runs this group off…)

  • Something doesn’t add up. Prime location, great history… $19K for that tiny decrepit space is obviously too much.

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