Dear PoPville – My Husband Was Mugged on the 1300 block of Shepherd St, NW

by Prince Of Petworth — October 5, 2012 at 2:30 pm 26 Comments

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Dear PoPville,

I wanted to let you know that at 1 pm yesterday afternoon my husband was assaulted and mugged outside our house on Shepherd St. 1300 block. 3 teenagers surrounded him and puched him several times and shoved himto the ground, he got up and ran but they chased, ripping off his backpack. He then turned and chased them while calling the police. Bag was found by a worker in the alley but laptop was gone. I am so shocked and saddened by this violent act in broad daylight on a busy residential street in a neighborhood that i love so much. Residents should keep awareness up at all times i guess.

  • C3PO

    I’m so sorry that happened to your husband. We read so often about people being assaulted/mugged that it’s easy for it to become commonplace.

    It doesn’t seem like your husband could have done anything better. Suggestions/criticisms so often given (right or wrong) to victims of crime don’t apply here. I hope the bastards who did it get run over. No, I have no sympathy for them. I don’t care about their hard-knock life or the fact that their dads abandoned them. I just care that some poor sap was attacked while walking down his street.

  • AR

    That’s awful and scary. Glad your husband is (reasonably) okay though.

    Teenagers. Ugh.

    • Is this typical teenage mischief??? Not where I am from.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, that sucks. I live right around the corner and its pretty clear to me that the knuckleheads in our area ARE local, He’ll probably see them again and should know that he can call the police on “2nd sighting” and have them arrested.

    I carry a can of mace EVERYWHERE I go in the neighborhood. You should head up to ranger surplus in Bethesda and buy a few cans. No registration requirement in Maryland. I’d rather feel silly for having it that not having it.

    • I was going to say the same thing. When you live on the edge of a sketchy area, a small keychain can of mace can be a good deterrent. Especially for women who can’t fight back so easily.

      Buy a few cans and practice spraying outside so you know how they operate.

    • Another fine deterrent of teenagers is a baseball bat, which is perfectly legal to walk around with last time I checked.

  • AR

    Since it was 1pm, can the cops check school records to see who was out who should have been in?

  • neighbor

    When your husband spoke to the police, were they aware of similar muggings lately? If there is a pattern, we’ll know what to watch out for.

  • InTheGAP

    I got mugged a couple of years ago at 13th and T. 3 teens. Trick was they weren’t walking together. They were walking up the sidewalk toward me but spaced out 20-30 yards between them. One passed me, then doubled back and they all jumped me. (I’m ok.) Point is, if you are alone, and there aren’t couples or dog-walkers, etc., around, but you look around and see there are a few teens about the same age . . . keep in mind that they may be coordinating. Take evasive maneuvers.

    • Anonymous

      yes, that is what happened – one teen walked past him just as they were all hidden from view by a parked work truck and the other two jumped him from behind. I was working at my desk upstairs and heard my husband shouting that he was being attacked and to call the police, as they were chasing him. It was terrifying. He is okay, some scrapes, bruises and a big bump on the back of the head. Thanks for all your concerns and suggestions!

      • bob

        any detailed descriptions you can give on these kids? i live on this block and just wanna be able to keep an eye out.

    • kk

      yep my boyfriend was attacked in a similar way about two years ago

  • Anonymous

    Kids like that are going to bump into Travis Bickle soon enough.

    • Anonymous

      in this town? unlikely.

      • Travis Bickle

        Yes, they might.

        • Anonymous

          you anticipate vigilantism in DC in the 21st century?
          There were some Howard Students that tried to confront some thugs a few week ago in Bloomingdale/ LeDroit. neighbors were so upset that some demands the students apologize to the neighborhood for creating a battlefield of their block.

          a jury in DC would convict a vigilante immediately.

          it’s a stupid path, and most people in this town that are very upset by crime are too smart to take that path.

          • dcd

            That’s ridiculous. I’ll wager that those who were “upset” were related or otherwise known to the thugs.

          • Fransworth

            Yes, pretty sure that’s the perception because those victimized were also black, but I think you’re making a point you’re not trying to make.

    • dcd

      Or maybe Bernie Goetz (am I dating myself?). And oh, won’t there be an outcry then abotu the poor defenseless darlings who were unfairly set upon by the guy they freakin’ mugged.

  • Anonymous

    They are not even trying to avoid prison. These animals will keep doing this until they get locked up.

  • Anonymous

    Up this way, it’s called getting jumped. Get used to it, it’s how they all grew up apparently?? Kid almost jumped me the other day at the Petworth metro. He chickened out though. The oddest thing I’ve seen in Petworth is a mom storming into Wendy’s on Georgia chasing the kids who just jumped her kid. I sometimes wonder if this beat a taxpayer is all about crew initiation, or is it just for fun, giggles, and electronics? At least they didn’t pull a pistol when he chased them!!!! Don’t do that again….

  • anonymous

    Sorry to hear about that. I had the day off and was walking my dog in the early afternoon. I remember seeing a moving van being loaded around that time on Randolph. Did anyone on the street respond or come to his aid?

  • Charlizet

    Go to 14th st nw in front of Morazan Grocery at the other side of the street and you might find those kids hang there. Police had arrested that gang several time, but the judge always let them go.

    • wobble

      I went to Google map streetview to check the block out. There was a parked police car at one end of the block, and an officer on a Segue at the other end. They clearly know there is a lot of trouble there.

      It must be frustrating for the police to know they can arrest these punks for anything short of murder, and they will be out on the street before the paperwork is complete.

      The punks who jumped the guy on Capital Hill and caused severe brain damage were out on the street shortly after being caught in another murder. Being arrested is just a minor inconvenience, and they just laugh about it.

      • mg

        That’s because they’re is a police station on the block, lol. . .

  • mg

    I was mugged a few blocks over from here a year or two ago, and I still love the neighborhood. A lot of times the kids who do this kind of stuff aren’t local, as they’re smart enough to know they’re more likely to be recognized in their own neighborhood. My attackers ended up coming from Anacostia via the metro. It might be helpful to have the cops and your husband go through WMATA station footage before and after the incident (they can and will do this if you press them on it). Chances are they high-tailed to the metro after the attack (for me it was within 7 min. of being mugged).

    Glad your husband is relatively okay.


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