Dear PoPville – Why is 11th Street, NW Blocked at Monroe?

Dear PoPville,

A quick question — I wonder if anyone has a clue as to why 11th Street NW at Monroe has been closed for the past two months or so? Only the last 100 feet or so leading up to the intersection; there’s no visible work going on, either. Very odd.

It’s closed due to the house that started crumbling on July 31st.

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  • saf

    And they need to do something about that so it can be re-opened.

  • Really curious how this is going to play out. I’m betting the house sits until it implodes even though an 11th hour save would be the preferable outcome I just don’t see it happening.

  • Is there some kind of time limit that the owners have to resolve the issue?

  • I do hope the owners of the property are facing some sort of daily fine for the inconvenience. I live on that block, and while it does not really impact us personally — we have a parking spot behind our house in the alley — it is a major impediment for many.

  • everyone that walks by should take one pebble off the building everyday… we will have it gone in no time! jenga!

  • The frustrating thing is that the sidewalk that goes directly by the house is not closed but the street is closed. The implication being it’s safe for people to walk within 3 feet from the house but not to drive 20 feet from the house. Agree that something needs to be done – either work on the house or reopen the street. I’m writing Jim Graham – please join me!

  • Apparently the fire department keeps on trying to block the sidewalk, but people just remove the caution tape.
    A couple of weekends ago, I did see people carrying a large support beam into the house, which gave me some hope that the homeowners are trying to resolve the issue.

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