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    I hope they’ve improved the doors.

  • where’s my coffee holder?

  • I love it how they no longer have the carpeted floors, so that they can simply be “hosed down” after late bar nights.

  • Those floors look so ripple-y – I hope that’s some temporary covering.
    The seats look pretty nice.

  • Can they keep the outside of the cars as they are…bright and shiny…sans the bllaaahhh brown paint! If fact, can we commission some local artists to throw some color on the whole system. Sure we are a government town but we don’t have to look like one.

    And one last thing….can city dwellers like myself have wait times in the 3-5 minute range on weekends….as opposed to 12 to 15 minutes?

  • While I know that some of metro’s fleet is insanely outdated, I’ll take efficient service over fancy rail cars any day. Metro, stop shutting down half the system every weekend for “maintenance” and then we can talk about new rail cars.

    Also, what’s the point of the LCD screens? Is a regular map not good enough? Or do they also show advertisements and bring in more cash?

    • You do know that some of the cars are 30+ years old and would (did) crumble like an accordian in an accident right?
      Not upgrading the running stock while fixing the rails is like putting new tires on your 1970 Pinto and calling it reliable and safe.
      Efficiency and reliability are characteristics of a well maintained system. Metro didn’t do the maintenance required for some time so that is why we are seeing so many weekend disruptions.

      • And if Metro postpones buying new cars eventually we’ll have the same deferred maintenance problems with rolling stock that we now have with the physical plant. Not to mention that opening even Phase I of the Silver Line will require pretty much all the new cars that are coming in.

  • Where the eff is my carpet?

  • Still needs more handholds. I don’t know how they expect short people or people with shoulder issues to keep their balance if the train is so crowded that they can’t get to a spot in the aisle.

    Even if you’re not short, what do you hang on to if you’re stuck in the middle of that wide open space between the doors? You’d need to have orangutan arms to reach the bars along the side. I didn’t see a horizontal bar running down the middle of the car. Is there one?

  • I like it, looks much better than the current versions.

  • when will they unveil fire-free tunnels? That’s when I’ll start riding Metro again.

  • Looks a lot like the NY subway minus the horizontal seating…

  • much better than the Nexus-6 models.

  • Slowly catching up to Tokyo.

  • Did anyone laugh at how dramatic this video was, or is it just me?

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