Video From the Adams Morgan Drone, Check Out its Last Flight and Crash

Lots of folks have been following the saga of the drone that crashed and went missing on Adams Morgan Day. The drone was later recovered at 16th and W St, NW. Owner Adam Eidenger sent out a link to its last flight and crash:

“This is the final flight my #3 T580 Quadcopter that went missing on Adams Morgan Day, September 9, 2012 over the skies of Washington, DC.”

You can watch the final flight here, but note it gets a bit political.

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  • Good riddance.

  • This guy is an idiot and an asshole. I am an RC hobbyist as well. Here, the copter crashed on a roof top – great. But you shouldn’t be flying these in densely populated downtown areas. What if it missed the roof and landed on some poor pedestrian walking by. Or the windshield of a car driving by. These things are plenty heavy to cause serious damage if you hit someone from altitude. How I miss common sense.

  • A great way to check out if you need a new roof on your house…. That’s about it.

  • It is pretty amusing that this guy thought these would be allowed in the post 9-11 skies over the District of Columbia anyway.

    But really gets me is how completely reckless it is to fly something like this in a highly populated area and how little regard this guy has for everyone else. It could have just as easily fallen on someone or something as some commercial roof, and done some damage.

    You want to play with toys like these, take it to a ballfield or large park and not over heavily populated downtown areas.

  • I want a drone.

    Maybe two.

  • Man, that dude must just rolling in money. I don’t know many self-proclaimed lefty activists that have the bankroll to run for office, open a hemp shop with two locations, do serious renovations on a huge row house on Mintwood, and own like 4 oversized vehicles that take up valuable Adams Morgan parking spots (the hater in me cheered the day I saw the Statehood Rape Van with the graffiti rat on it had gotten booted). Never met the dude, but he’s definitely an Adams Morgan personality…

    Perhaps PPercy’s secret identity…?

    • Seriously, this clown has a substantial bankroll. I’ve never seen a single customer inside his Capitol Hemp stores. He’s either a tech millionaire or inherited a boatload of money.

      And yes, his silly drone stunt was pretty reckless. Do that crap out in a field or the countryside, not in a congested area where it could hurt someone. I’m actually surprised he didn’t have a GPS transponder unit on the drone, considering all the time he’s spent rigging up his toys.

  • Cool images, but yea not the place for these things. Easily could have crashed on a pedestrian or car. Plus the political bent to the video is such a debbie downer.

  • I had an entirely different reaction and was amazed by his ingenuity. I also watched his “political” flight recording and thought he makes a great point. He obviously has gotten tons of notice so well…mission accomplished! Kudos to his skill, engineering and creativity.

    Guarantee there will be lots of follow-up stories, interviews etc.

    • I’m certainly no supporter of UAV strikes, especially against US citizens in foreign countries, but I fail to see how the illegality of flying an RC plane over DC proves that UAV strikes should be illegal. There is literally no connection between the two and his point is completely nonsensical.

      And that video was incredibly annoying.

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