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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant – virtual waiting room for Nats playoff tickets. Does anyone ever actually get to purchase tickets this way?

    • alissaaa

      I’m right there with you…just keeps refreshing again and again and again. Grr.

    • jim_ed

      we were stuck as well, and by the time we got in, only section 407 for game 3 were available. Said to hell with it, and bought two seats on stubhub for game 1. Tickets were $90 each instead of list of $65, which in all realitty really isnt a terrible deal. Speaking of which….

      Rave: Got Nationals playoff tickets!!!! After 6 years of watching some of the most god awful baseball teams ever assembled, I cannot believe this is actually going to happen. It almost makes watching all those starts by Levale Speigner, Matt Chico, and Mike Bacsik worh it. Almost.

  • Rant: Seriously Metro, get your sh*t together. This morning at Friendship Heights was absolute pandemonium. Did anyone else hear about this? Power went out. No trains. Hundreds of people were swarming out of the station and haphazardly choosing random buses to get downtown. It was utter chaos and possibly the worst morning commute I’ve ever had.
    Rave: I ate an egg. It was okay.

    • Rave: Living a little over a mile from work. Got up at 5:45, fed and walked the dogs and threw on my workout clothes. Walked to my favorite fitness studio, did a 45-minute class, showered and got ready for work, walked another 10 minutes, and was at my desk by 7:30.

      Sometimes a whole week will go by where I don’t set foot in a car, bus, or train, and I hardly ever take the Metro. After several years of commuting 3 hours a day (to save money to buy the place I live in now) I am just loving this.

      • Rant: Living so (very) far from work.

        Rave: Posts like ^ ^ ^ that give me hope.

      • It’s hard not to brag, isn’t it? 😉
        I’m a five minute bike ride from my office and I feel so bad for people who commute for hours each day or get stuck taking the metro/bus!

        • Sometimes I bike too– a pleasant 7-minute ride down a wide street with a bike path :). My workplace even has a free shuttle that picks up two blocks from my house (though I hardly ever use it).

          I’m sure I’ll be eating my words the day I have to change jobs, most of which, in my field, are out in someplace like Reston.

  • Rant: Red line this morning.

    Rave: Managed to hop on a packed L2 in Cleveland Park and made it to work in 25 minutes.

    Rave: The weather.

    • I was running late and thought, briefly, of taking the Red Line instead of my usual bus, which I’d missed. I decided against it, out of laziness, and waited for the next L2.

      Apparently, this ranks among the best decisions I’ve ever made.

      • Apparently the L1/L2 buses were delayed as well due to an accident at Connecticut and Upton. Being able to get on a bus at all was quite fortuitous.

  • Rant: My best friend is moving to Boston. I’m going to miss the hell out of him.

    Revel: No flooding!

  • scuttlebutt?: auto yard on 700 block of pard rd nw (a few doors down from the 10th precinct police station) has been sold. word among the neighbors is that condos will be going up…

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: I’m very excited about my new photo project.
    Rant: leaving fb – I’m tired of people virtually taking over the whole wall with their posts.
    Rant: starting a twitter cleanup for the same reason.

  • Rant: the police officer I saw texting or checking his cellphone while driving up Independence Avenue this morning. Set an example dude.

    • next time get the car tag # or cruiser #, time of incident, and where and call the Mayor’s 311 number to report. Then send officer Groomes an email…lord knows she thinks her officers can do no wrong.

      • He was in a private vehicle but in uniform. It was right by the Capitol, so I’m not sure if he was Capitol Police. I definitely will next time though. By the time my half-asleep brain processed it, he was too far to do anything.

    • Oh, also rant: why can’t this city handle a rainstorm, or any sort of weather event? Back home, we get something like this every other afternoon in the summer, and the world doesn’t come to a screeching halt. Really, power outages, flooding, downed trees and power lines, transit delays? After a thunderstorm? I understand losing your shit for a snow storm that happens once every five years or a freak tropical storm or hurricane, but a thunderstorm?

      • where are you from?

          • they got basements, 100 year old sewer and 100 year old underground electrical line tunnels? people from all over the world that all respond differently to different stimulus?

            if yes to those thing, i dont know why.
            if no, maybe thats why.

      • Except… snow storms don’t happen every five years, so that’s not exactly excusable either. In the 10 years I’ve been here, we’ve averaged 3-5 major storms a year, and no, they still don’t prepare for it the way that I, as an Upstate NYer, love to point out. But I say that knowing that it’s just what they do. Weather varies, and DC will never prepare like Florida, the Plains, the Northeast, or LA. Just have to roll with it.

  • Rant (no raves): My 2 adjoining neighbors are KILLING me! In the past year I have had to deal w/ one neighbor (seriously his about 60 yrs old) pot smoking on his back porch. It gets so thick that I can’t have my windows open. Last night I came home around 9pm and the smell of pot smoke permeated my living room, dining room, and kitchen.

    My other neighbor got a pit bull, the dog’s nonstop barking is driving me insane, and it doesn’t help that their 5 kids make a ruckus as well.

    Yes I have personally spoken to both of them and it goes in one ear and out the other.

    • put fans in the window.

      • I’m sorry, but this is ridiculous. Even though putting fans in the window wouldn’t be that big of a deal, why is it always up to others to mitigate the effects of others’ stupid activities on them? Save me the b.s. about how pot should be legal (to those of you who think it should), but the fact is, right now it’s not and this person has to deal with their neighbors stinking up their house. That stuff reeks and it’s a real pain to deal with, especially people with asthma or other health conditions. But pure and simple, it shouldn’t have to be one person going out of their way (no matter how minor) because of the stupid and illegal actions of another.

        • Also, what is someone supposed to do if they get regularly drug tested at work?

          • Or the smell permeates their work clothes… or the police knock on the door for something benign and catch a whiff of it. There are a lot of reasons I can see for not wanting that smell in the house.

        • There is a simple solution:

          Call the damn cops.

        • i know life is hard, but you will need to find pragmatic solutions. i offered the solution of putting fans in the window. you say that’s ridiculous. fine. im just trying to help. sometimes you do need to make up for the shitty behavior of others.

          meanwhile, tough shit.

  • This morning I was walking my dogs on M street when I noticed a young woman standing near the front door of my condo building. As I walked over to see if she needed any help I noticed that she was standing near my front door so her small white dog could relieve itself in my yard. I asked her “In the future could you not walk you dog in our front yard it is killing the grass and we are having hard time getting it back.” While I know this was probably embarrassing for her I was shocked when her response was “This is the first time I have done this.” First time or hundredth time, she obviously knew this was the wrong thing to be doing. I
    said “OK but in the future…” she cut me off by telling me that “It is an apartment building”, which I guess in her mind makes it permissible
    for her dog to kill the grass. So obviously she was not going to apologize, but I then told her that it was a condo building and I have
    been paying to try and get the yard presentable. She then told me that if I didn’t want dogs on my lawn I should put up a sign. I
    suppose this means I also need a sign on my car asking people not to break into it, wear some sort of sandwich board asking not to be
    robbed, or perhaps put a banner across the street asking people to not to litter? It is disappointing to observe the behavior of
    people who feel they can do whatever they want and refuse to accept any responsibility when called out for their misdeeds, but sadly it is
    something that happens every day. I asked the young lady for her name and if she lived in the neighborhood she obviously had very little
    concern for. I was shocked when her response was “I am on the neighborhood association!!” This surely cannot be true because I
    think the MVSNA does great work for the neighborhood and am sure that none of the members would A) Have such disregard for a neighbor’s
    property and B) refuse to take any responsibility for their actions.So I guess I am writing to warn you that either a young blonde woman
    with no regard for her neighbors is impersonating a MVSNA board member or that possibly one of the MVSNA board members is impersonating
    someone who gives a damn about her neighbors.

    • Are you serious?

      As a dog owner, unless grass is marked with a sign, cordoned off, or landscaped, my dog is going to pee on it. A dog peeing on publicly accessible grass is hardly the same as a person breaking into a car.

    • This can’t be a serious post right?

    • That sounds like a fun pastime, going around impersonating a MVSNA board member. That’s how I’d spend my time if I were a cute young blonde.

    • I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen dog owners walk their dogs up onto people’s front lawns and even into their flowers patches to urinate and defecate.

      My office is on the first floor in front of a fenced-off landscaped area with “No Dogs Allowed” signs. Dog owners will actually pick their dogs up and place them over the fence and into the flowers to do their business, subsequently destroying the flowers and shrubs. Invariably the dog owners have their faces in their smart phones the whole time, a la “If I don’t see you, you don’t see me.”

      We’re supposed to be living in a cultured and civilized society. Please use common sense and decency in terms of where you have your dog defecate and urinate. Please be respectful of private property and flowers in sidewalk planters that are there for everyone to enjoy, not for your dog to kill by walking and urinating on the plants/grass.

    • In a similar vein, I feel bad for all the dogs that live at the Allegro on 14th. It seems that the ONLY patch of “grass” most of those dogs ever see is a tiny 8’x12′ area in front of the Fire Department. I say “grass” because it is all brown, no one ever cleans up after their dogs, and it isn’t very much exercise for them. Every day I see people in sweats and slippers dumping their dogs in that area then scooping them up back home, and they always look so confused because of all the scents. I guess the Fire Dept feels bad for the dogs too.

  • Would be great if anyone who attended last week’s ANC1A meeting could fill us in on what the Bacon Funeral Home people said. (Someone put the question on the forum, but no answers.)

    PoP, do you have the scoop?

      • WHAT?? They want to knock it down and make it a parking lot??? Hell no. If this idea doesn’t get promptly bounced by DCRA or whoever is in charge of maintaining the streetscape, expect me knocking on your door with a petition to sign in the near future.

        Bacon needs to sell (at least) one of the properties. I don’t care which, but it needs to go to someone who will fix it and make it pretty much anything other than another spot for dealing drugs. We have plenty of those, thanks.

        • That would be a huge lost opportunity/potential danger for the community. I live next door to Bacon Funeral Home and already have to deal with looking out my window to the cops and floodlights and open air drug dealing on the corner in front of a row house–a nice little tucked away parking lot though would be just asking for the dealers to put up shop a bit more permanently.

          I for one vote for a little convenience store in that spot (out of sheer selfishness and aversion to Giant)

  • Rave: My best buddy and his boyfriend are visiting this weekend!

    Rant: It’s my buddy’s boyfriend’s birthday and my buddy asked for help finding and planning a great/fun event for the birthday. And I have NO idea what to plan! Any ideas?! Any awesome things going on this weekend?

  • Query: Any recs for a move out cleaning service in NW?

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: My eyelid keeps twitching. It’s driving me mad.

    Rave: Missed the redline fail because I had to come into work early.

    Rave: Whoever invented black tea.

  • Rave: Nats at 4:05pm
    Rave: Nats at 7:05pm

    Rant: Nada

  • Rant – Lack of DC area rental properties. Trying to find ANYWHERE to live that is within a mile of the metro! I suppose $2400 really is an unreasonable budget for a 2 bedroom for 3 people?! That is more than my mom & dad’s frigging mortgage on their 5 bedroom house.

    Rave – It’s fall and I am in love, more and more everyday!

    • Hang in there. Reach out to your personal network (that’s how I found my current place) and look for postings close to the end of the month (Craigslist is a pre-planner’s nightmare). My current place is 2k for 3 bedrooms (a really nice place but not without it’s issues RE: leaky roof) in Col Hts a 5 min walk from the metro.

      I am going through looking for my next place too–although my budget is 1700 tops for 2 people (1-2 bedrooms) within .3 miles of the metro (no I am not crazy, just optimistic)

  • anon. gardener

    Rant: the 63 bus. I have been sending complaints to WMATA. Please, if you ride the 63 and are tired of overfull buses and buses that never show up, complain to WMATA about it. I waited over 40 minutes for a bus this morning – at a certain point I decided to hang around just to see how long it would take for a bus to arrive. Now that more kids are at EL Haynes, we really need more bus service to accomodate the increase in passengers.

    • what time was this at? I often jump on the 63 on Sherman Ave– I’ve noticed if I miss the ~7:10am bus then Nextbus shows a 35 min wait. That’s crazy.

      on the same subject, it annoys me the 42 bus always stops at dupont circle and the drivers get off the bus. Sometimes they change drivers, other times they jump out and chat for 3-5 minutes. The bus is full of people with a destination….

    • That doesn’t sound good at all. I can’t say I’ve had quite as bad experiences as you’re describing with the 63, but I don’t think I use it at the peak times. I do find it to be pretty packed sometimes by the time I get on it (near Sherman Circle) but I don’t think I’ve ever had to wait anywhere near 40 minutes.

      I seem to recall that they cut back service on the 62/63 not too long ago. For selfish reasons I would like them to increase the frequency of the buses but honestly I’m not sure that there’s enough ridership to justify that (based on what I’ve seen at the time that I ride it).

    • anon. gardener

      this was between 8:15 and 9:05 AM. my husband left the house around 7 this morning, and ended up walking to the metro because the buses were all full.
      Ridership appears to be back up – the overflowing bus problem has been going on for at least 2 weeks. what is even more annoying – yesterday the bus driver was telling people to just cram on and don’t worry about tapping your smart trip card. which means wmata won’t have an accurate count of people on the bus.

  • mtpgal

    Rave: Finally started the great kitchen project last night! Yay! But oh, man, is it a lot of work and logistics. How do you do something like this without being taken for a ride. I just got two plumbing quotes from reputable companies and one was twice as much!

    • Ask each plumber to come back and detail their quotes better. Tell the more expensive quote that theirs was significantly higher than others and you’d like to understand why (maybe they are better, maybe they are trying to rip you off). Then ask the other plumber the same except tell them they were significantly cheaper and you’d like to understand why – cheaper materials, lower level work? Then go get a third quote.

  • Rant: Our roof started leaking (again) at work, and it rained on me yesterday.

    Rave: The rain has stopped!

  • Rave: Got tix to the O’Reilly/Stewart Rumble!

  • Rant: all my colleagues at Dreamforce

    Rant #2: all my colleagues at Dreamforce that left my name as back-up in their out of office message although they didn’t bother to ask me first or update me on their proejcts.

  • gotryit

    Rant – Walking home last night, acknowledged a guy as we passed. Two steps later, I hear a “clunk” – look back, and see that the guy dropped a pistol. Took off as he picked it up, and called the police when I was far enough away. But it leaves me wondering – was that intended for me?

    Rave – No bullet holes in me.

  • Rant: Saw photos of two adorable, but sad pups in a WV shelter that will probably be put down and soon. I know I can’t save all of them, but it’s heartbreaking. I wish I knew how to do more.

  • Rave: Leaving for vacation Saturday night! Woot. Going to Madagascar. Hello, lemurs and chameleons, rainforests and beaches!

    Rant: Can’t win a PoP tshirt to save my life for the travels the globe post. Oh well. I should have bought one eons ago when PoP said he was bringing them to a happy hour.

  • Random observation: Anyone notice that the permanent speed cameras on the SE/SW freeway in both directions that were just put up are now gone? The one on Bladensburg Ave NE going northbound is also gone too. The freeway cams would go off almost every time I was driving by (not for me!). Wonder what happened…

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