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Froggy Bottom Pub Moving from Pennsylvania Ave to K Street in Feb.

by Prince Of Petworth September 19, 2012 at 10:30 am 17 Comments

The classic Foggy Bottom/GW bar – Froggy Bottom Pub, which came to 2142 Pennsylvania Ave, NW in 1985, is moving nearby to 2021 K Street, NW in the former Thai Kingdom space, which closed after 25 years in Aug. 2011. I spoke with a manager at Froggy Bottom who said they’d remain open in the Penn. Ave space until they move, which is expected in February. You can see their menu here but the manager said it would be completely revamped in the new space. Stay tuned.

2021 K St, NW

Any fans of Froggy Bottom?

2142 Pennsylvania Ave, NW via Froggy Bottom Pub

  • Anonymous

    Cool! I love French food!

  • Anonymous

    It just won’t be the same.
    The separation of pub and grub was one of the best parts.

  • Why wasn’t this titled under “POP PhoPatrol?”

  • Froggy Customer

    “If it’s your job to eat a frog, it’s best to do it first thing in the morning. And If it’s your job to eat two frogs, it’s best to eat the biggest one first.”
    Mark Twain

    The old Frog will be missed!!! Hopefully the new Frog will live up to the old.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve never even heard of the place, let alone been to it (shows how much time I spend in Foggy Bottom), but I am absolutely smitten by those handpainted frogs!

  • Gloomingdale


    • grr

      i 2nd that. chicken fingers were my go-to back in college. the old froggy bottom will be missed.

    • Anonymous

      Definitely the best chicken fingers in DC.

  • I hope they rennovate in some of the diviness that makes Froggy so great. A friend will be very sad as this is one of his favs in DC.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone actually tried their Pho? Every time I’m hankering for it, I say I’m going to trek down there to try it but then never do. Wonder if it’s any good.

    • MK

      Oh, their Pho is delicious! When I used to work off 18th and Penn, we used to go there for lunch just for the Pho. So yummy!

  • Great pizza, especially the BBQ Chicken pizza. Their half price pizza night was, and still is one of the best deals in the city.

  • Anonymous

    Man, I haven’t been over there in years. It used to be part of my routine of stocking up on music at Tower Records, then going through the liner notes of all my new CDs over a couple pints at this spot.

  • shannon knudsen

    Formerly a G-dub grad stu, now as a Peace Corps volunteer serving in a country far far away, the Froggy Bottom is the first bar I dream of coming home to. A pool table epicenter; shady side booths with Frog murals painted by anonymous genius; staff like tough lov’n family; the only place where a working person / stu can afford a good draft beer – this is raw DC tucked quietly in the glitter, pomp and black spandex that mostly makes up GW campus. When I heard the Frog was leaving, a little piece of me died. I feel a little better knowing that the Frog will be relocating, but the campus will never be the same without Froggy Bottom. For God’s sake! Where will the last of the hipsters in FB dwell? With heavy heart I pay my respects. Fare thee well, old friend.

  • Jackie

    Went to GW for undergrad and grad…and Froggy Bottom was my stomping ground! When I graduated from grad school….I had my afterparty there…it was a GW institution for me! Sad to see it move and be revamped! Hopefully it will bring the same vibe! Much success to the owners!

  • jrunner

    Went to GW for Grad. The Pho is good, bartenders are awesome, and the beer is cheap. Hope the new location will keep the same feel as this one!

  • I’m still pissed that GW plans to tear down this little strip of row houses to build another character-less office building. There’s no way the character of Froggy Bottom will be the same in a generic K-Street strorefront.


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