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You can talk about whatever is on your mind โ€“ quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct peopleโ€™s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or rejoice about daily life in DC.

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  • Question: What is the best Mexican restaurant in DC?

    • I’m a big fan of El Tamarindo.

    • Make the drive up to Baltimore City and visit Zen West. I haven’t found anything in DC that even holds a candle to them!

      • That place is good. As for cheap Mexican ($8 tacos or burritos are not cheap), a taco truck might he the best bet. There are no good taquerias or burrito joints in the city, sadly. On the plus side, there’s great Salvadoran food everywhere.

      • claire

        Just ate there for the first time recently, and it was really good! And quite authentic (according to my boyfriend who’s visited the Oaxaca region before).

    • Tsar of Truxton

      Easy. El Centro D.F.

    • Super Taco and Bakery in Adams Morgan is my favorite.

      Not exact a “restaurant” but a few seats inside and plenty of to-go orders.

    • Taco Bell

    • La Fiesta in Dupont has good food and great chips/salsa. Its kind of a hidden place that most people think of as a bar, but its legit.

    • Taqueria Federal Distrito.

      Went there last night. Most expensive thing on the menu is like $8. Very no frills, but super cool place. Quite tasty.

    • The best taquerios are in PG County. Check out Taqueria La Placita (Bladensburg) some time.

    • Odd. I JUST typed the exact same question 5mins ago to Tom Sietsma for his 11am WaPo blog thing. I’ve lived here 10 years and never had a remotely autentic Mexican meal. Caramba!

    • burritosinstereo

      I really like Haydees and El Tamarindo. I also recently went to Don Juan for the first time and it was alright — major bonus points for the Corona-rita.

      • Dear everyone in this discussion – El Tamarindo and Haydee’s is primarily El Salvadoran, not Mexican. Thanks.

        • You have just identified the key problem with this discussion. Most people in this area have never had authentic Mexican food. Just because the food at some of these places is good, does not make it good Mexican.

        • I was just about to say that, but that is somewhat true for all the mom-and-pop places around here, correct? Most of the “Mexican” restaurants in DC seem to be fancy imported versions of Mexican cuisine, rather than food made by people from Mexico (and…cue the discussion about whether ethnic cuisine needs to be made by people of that ethnicity in order to be authentic!)

        • Actually, El Tamarindo bills itself as Mexican AND El Salvadorian cuisine. If you feel its only Salvadorian and not Mexican, you can take it up with the owners.

        • Exactly. Doesn’t Lauriol Plaza fall into that category as well?

          Ha, I say District Taco is pretty much one of the only mexican spots around. LOL!

    • If you aren’t interested in fancy (Oyamel is my favorite for that) or inauthentic but tasty (I’m sorry folks, but I love Lauriol for their salads, swirl margaritas, and fajitas), and don’t need a lot of atmosphere, I hit El Rinconcito Deportivo the other night (right next to BloomBars on 11th) and had one of the best burritos I’ve ever had in DC.

      • Oyamel is poop. One of those Jose Andres rip-offs with the $20 mortar and pestle guac and expensive, bad tacos.

        Really good, fresh, cheap food? District Taco. Food that’s as over-priced as Oyamel but also actually pretty good? Lauriol. Food and margaritas that are almost exactly the same as Lauriol as 2/3 the price? Cactus Cantina.

    • None of these suggestions are good. They might be the “best” in DC, but they aren’t good.

    • try Mama Chuy on Georgia Avenue.

    • Are we talking Tex-Mex or just Mexican?

      If just Mexican, agreed it’s either none or one of the places mentioned above, but that discussion is silly anyway because Oaxacan is not Yucatecan is not D.F. is not Sinaloan mariscos, and quite a few of those things aren’t available here, period. You want good versions of those things in the states you need to go to San Diego or Chicago.

      Tex-Mex? Uncle Julio’s Rio Grande in Arlington (or Bethesda). It’s a Dallas-based chain that does a pretty good upscale job and is (IMO) better than Pappasitos, which is the standard (not the best by any means, but the generic standard) against which all non mom-and-pop Tex-Mex places must be judged.

    • austindc

      Mama Chuy’s. Love that place and their maternal wookie theme.

  • Rant: The Romney ad banner on the side of PoP that keeps popping-up over the text of the website is annoying as hell.

    • Just like Rmoney himself.

      • I can’t wait to vote for him!

        • Which version?

          • The one that’s not Obama.

          • That still leaves a lot of Romneys to choose from. The pro-choice vs. pro-life one. The pro-mandated healthcare vs. mandated healthcare is socialism one, pro gun-control vs. Ted Nugent wannabe one, the one who thought London was not ready for the Olympics vs. the one who did. The one who protested FOR the Vietman vs. the one who got a deferment. The one who supports the scientific theory of human-caused climate change vs. the one who thinks it’s just Joseph Smith and Jesus being silly. Man, I do not envy your decisions! Good luck!

          • So it seems Romney is a flip-flopper just like Kerry was. Shoe’s on the other foot, and the attacking/defending position is switched. I hate politics.

          • Yep, and it made Kerry a loser and the laughing stock of the nation for a while. Same will happen with Romney. Except he will be a two-time loser.

    • I agree. Absolutely despise this clown. I have been clicking the ad from POPs pages a couple of times a day though. Figure the click through costs them a few cents, and gives POP a few cents in ad revenue. A solid transfer of $ if you ask me, especially considering if he somehow does buy the election, the first thing he will do is take a huge #2 on DC.

      • Prince Of Petworth

        Thanks Kyle. And sorry jpg – we are no longer accepting national political ads but a few more may trickle through – hopefully for not much longer.

    • I’m not getting the Romney ad. I guess the algorithm determined I’m not the target demographic.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: I’m getting age spots, even though I’ve worn sun screen every day since the age of 15.

    Rave: New sun hat!

    • How old are you? I have been a faithful sunscreen wearer since high school, though before that I soaked up the Texas sunshine like nobody’s business. I turned 27 this week and I have a spot on my cheek that I despise. ๐Ÿ™

  • Rant: Waiting, waiting, waiting on whether I got the job or not. 3 references checked, jobs verified, schools verified…if I got this far and don’t get an offer I think I am going to be crushed.

  • RANT: remember the other day when I ranted about my sister’s awful boyfriend? Turns out, that was just the tip of the iceberg… Not only did he ask for my dad’s blessing for his already-completed proposal to my 24-year-old sister Saturday evening in *my* living room, but they’ve only been dating for a few months, and my mom hasn’t met this guy yet. This happened Saturday night, they kept quiet about it Sunday and Monday, my sister eventually called my mom Tuesday afternoon to tell her about the engagement, and proceeded to post it on Facebook before calling me. I’m sorry, I’m your only sister and up until last night, I thought we were fairly close. I’m glad you felt that broadcasting your ill-thought-out engagement to your internet friends was more important than calling your sister. Just more proof that you’re not grown up enough to get married, in my opinion. Cheers to your eventual first divorce, you insecure petty brat.

    Rave: Wine, and lots of it.

    • My mother found out about my sister’s engagement via Facebook. Let’s just say they are no longer Facebook friends ๐Ÿ™‚

    • My younger sister and I are fairly close but she tends to keep things from me that she knows I think are stupid. Considering, what you just said…. maybe your sister already knows you disapprove and doesn’t want to tell you because you will tell her how you feel… It is her life and you just have to accept her choices. Sometimes, as older siblings that is a hard pill to swallow….. Our parent’s are both deceased so it is even harder for me because I have been in sort of a parental role for most of her life…… but I have to remind myself that it is her life and her choices.

      • +1. Well stated.

        And to the OP, it was in bad taste to say “Cheers to your eventual first divorce”. Not cool, not cool at all, upset or not.

        • Not your place to criticize someone else’s rant. I’m sure Squish doesn’t mean it, and haven’t you complained about your sibling on this blog before? Sometimes siblings suck. Squish, sounds like your sister and mine should hang out!

          • What blog have you been reading? Rants are subject to criticism all of the time, and often not wrongfully so.

            That being said, I agree with your point that squish was just venting and likely does not wish divorce on her little sister. In my experience, no one can be more frustrating than a sister, but there’s really no one else I love more.

          • Good memory but I would never wish ill will on him or anyone.

  • Blithe

    Rave: Love the pic! Where’s it from?

    Rant: The decline of civility and the rise of individualistic opportunism.

    Rant: My condo parking spaces are tandem — meaning that I have to move the car in back in order to move the car that’s parked in the front. I usually park in the front of my space — just in case I need the rest of the space for a second car. Someone has been parking in my space — and I found this out a few nights ago when I went down to my car and was blocked in. It’s a condo. So whoever parked there KNOWS that the spaces have been purchased by their owners, and s/he does not own the space s/he parked in. It’s should be pretty simple: Don’t use things that don’t belong to you without permission. Grrrrrrr!

    Rave: Peaches! The peaches are wonderful this year!

    • Write them a polite note – in Crisco – all over every single window of the car.

    • Photographer here — I’ll buy the first person to post the correct answers – where is shot taken? and who was the painter? – a beer or mixed drink at your choice of Petworth bars (LGL, Chez Billy, etc). Hint – it has something to do with the Olympics ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • pablo .raw

    Rant: last night I got mad because of a personal project that is not working as it should. Then I went to the kitchen to fix the broken dishwasher but first stepped on broken glass. Then got electrocuted by the dishwasher.
    Rave: I know how to fix my dishwasher!

  • Rant: beards.

  • Rant: My office is freezing this morning!

    Rant: Saw a parking enforcement guy jaywalk (well, actually, jay-segway) today. He rode right through a crosswalk when the don’t walk sign was lit. Are they allowed to do that?

    Rant: I’m NOT posting too fast! Stupid message.

    Having a pretty crappy week, so not much to rave about (except for a gig Friday night.)

  • Rant: Those stupid vegan ads in the Metro saying that schools should not serve kids meat or dairy. I have nothing against vegans – stick to whatever diet or lifestyle you want to. But don’t tell me or anyone else what to eat!

    • I actually agree with the dairy one because a lot of people have problems digesting it. I’m not sure if things have changed, but when I went to school you always got a carton of milk with lunch whether you wanted it or not. A lot of it got wasted.

      I’m not opposed to serving moderate amounts of meat and dairy to kids (as long as there are good alternative for vegetarians and vegans) but it does make sense to cut back given the abysmally small budgets that school cafeterias have to work with. Meat and dairy are very expensive, and it’s much cheaper and easier to make a high-quality nutritious meal if you leave it out.

      • In an effort to not start a commenting rampage, I am going to keep my comments to myself.

      • claire

        I’m with you on this one. The default carton of milk for school lunches seems completely absurd to me. In addition to the prevalent issues with digesting dairy and the high cost, milk is not very nutritious (there are much better sources of calcium that also provide other nutrients, such as leafy greens), and the cheapest milk (which is inevitably what is served in schools) is loaded with hormones and antibiotics. And that’s not even getting into the whole chocolate/strawberry milk issue…

        Note: I am definitely not a vegan, if that matters.

        • I guess they figure, better to have the kids drink milk as part of the de facto school lunch, rather than sugary juices or sodas.

          • claire

            I can see that, but I don’t know what’s wrong with getting kids used to drinking water – it’s certainly the cheapest and healthiest option… And just toss some spinach on top of their pizzas for calcium (since I doubt that pizza is going away anytime soon) and give them an orange to eat for vitamin C! But I’ll concede that it’s probably a lot more nuanced than that…

          • What I recall from my school days, and what I recall having read on rare occasions when school lunches were a topic, is that many/most kids steadfastly avoid even the most well-intentioned attempts to get healthy items in their bellies. They’d pick the spinach off the pizza, and ignore the veggie-based options. Not sure how a school can combat a palette that’s been sensitized to mac n cheese.

      • Emmaleigh504

        When I was a kid (about a hundred years ago according to my age spots) the kids who had problems with dairy were given some other drink with no problem. We always had a few in class who didn’t get milk.

        • I mean aside from the few kids who have obvious allergies and intolerances there are a lot more that will get mild problems like gas, cramping, and bloating from it but will continue drinking milk because that’s simply what they’re given. I felt crappy for most of my childhood because of all the dairy that’s a given in school lunches. I think it’s wrong to be pushing the milk when 75% of the population can’t digest it properly. Especially in places like DC that are have a lot of minorities (lactose intolerance is said to be as high as 90% for some African and Asian groups).

          • You felt so crappy… why didn’t you stop drinking it? Tell your parents so they do parental duty to find out that you couldn’t digest it, and you wouldn’t have been given it anymore.

            “Pushing” milk… milk is not a drug.

            75%.. source please.

            Other than that,

          • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lactose_intolerance

            And food issues are very hard to diagnose, especially among children who are less attuned to their bodies and might not even realize they are sick because they’ve never known anything different. All I’m saying is, if there is a food that the majority of the population is known to have problems with, maybe we shouldn’t be automatically giving it to them with every meal. My parents never, ever gave us milk because it simply wasn’t part of our culture, but the schools sure did. Why do you have such a problem with that?

          • Why do some people become irate when others have food allergies and intolerances? It’s not like we’re doing it for fun.

  • Rant: Litter on my block. Gentrification now, please!

    Rant: Regional office being difficult.

    Grudging rave: I have a house in a (supposedly) up-and-coming neighborhood and I’m gainfully employed.

    • Because white people never litter.

      • It’s nothing to do with race. The implication is that poor people litter more than rich people.

      • Gentrifiction includes all races of wealthy moving into formely not-so wealthy neighberhoods; and well off people tend to litter less than poor people.

        • And people tend to pull “facts” out of thin air to support ridiculous arguments.

          • Oh come on, you aren’t seriously arguing this one are you? How much trash do you see in Cleveland Park? How much trash do you see in Columbia Heights/Petworth. Plenty of evidence right there for me.

          • Fact: 50,000 people of color have left DC in the last year while 70,000 white people have come in. …sure, gentrification has NOTHING to do with race.

          • You can’t slash Petworth in with Columbia Heights in terms of litter.

          • I think the assumption that lower-income people litter more is based upon the idea that higher-income people tend to buy their homes and therefore care more about the upkeep of their neighborhoods meaning they don’t litter and keep up the appearance of their homes/gardens. While lower income individuals often rent and as a result aren’t always as likely to (though not ALWAYS the case) avoid littering or keep up general apperances of their homes/gardens. Kind of a similar argument about renters in condo buildings. Admittedly not always the case but its not a completely off-base assumption.

        • Well-off people also seem to be more willing to pick up litter when they see it (at least in my neighborhood).

        • And….
          people with money get better city services
          people with money pay other people to keep up their lawns and clean their houses

  • alxindc

    Rant: Slump day Wednesday.
    Rave: Cooking something favorite tonight. Is it 7PM yet?

  • Rant: Gas prices in northern Petworth. Ever since Valero bought up the station at Farragut and Georgia, and Missouria and Georgia, they appear to be colluding with the Exxons in the area. We are now paying the prices I see in Bethesda minus about .04c. We just paid $3.95. The Delta used to be more like .40c. Someone should be in jail for this, it is disgusting.

    Rant: Bowser. Voting against regulating Joe Mamo, because he is a minority business owner. I have no doubt he is in someway responsible for this. Thanks a lot Muriel. Help one guy out, cost everyone in the neighborhood an extra $.35-$.55. What a joke.

    Rave: Gas only costs about $3.25 down at my parents house in Tappahannock. How the hell is there a $.70c difference.

    • Valero didn’t buy the gas station, the station owner bought a franchise and now pays more for royalties. Also gas taxes are cheaper in Virginia.

      • Interesting. I’ve found the gas is cheaper in my neighborhood (Capitol Hill) than Northern Virginia.

      • I think you have misinterpreted the situation. Maybe the owner bought a franchise, and pays a bit more in royalties. All I know, is prices have risen .30c a gallon in a week, and I saw no change in prices at other more distant stations.

        The Exxon’s in the neighborhood have raised their prices as well, and we are now paying the same prices as gas stations on Connecticut and in Bethesda, when before we had a gap of $.30-$.40.

    • The Mamo-owned Shell at Upshur and Georgia has gone up 20 cents in a few days.

    • 1. The price for a barrel of oil is up nearly 10 percent in the last month. That works out to around 20 cents more per gallon.

      2. Gas stations in the District have very little competition to drive down prices.

      3. Tappahannock is 104 miles from the District and has an average personal income of $17,000. The District has an average personal income of $56,000. The two places are not comparable.

      4. The price of fuel is whatever the market will bear. If you think gas prices are too high, use less of it. I bought a diesel two years ago and cut my fuel consumption by at least 40%.

      • Read what I wrote people! I know the price of oil has gone up a bit. My complaint is that my cost of gas has gone up steeply relative to the price in other areas.

        As far as gas usage, I do use very little. Work in Bethesda, live in Petworth, that is 90% of my miles. Not complaining about the cost of gas, I personally think our gas tax should be well above $1/gallon. I am complaining that my neighborhood specifically has gotten much more expensive.

  • Rant: F$%#%g rats found my compost bin.

  • Mega-Rant: Two close friends going dealing with the discovery of debilitating health issues in the same week.

    Mini-Rant: Not sure why moving offices has to wreak such havoc, but it really, really does

    Rave: Keeping life in perspective

  • So we have asked all kinds of questions about savings, pay, house value and the like but I don’t recall anyone addressing what we are all likely wondering (or at least I am) which is what is the age and racial makeup of PoPville. I would venture to guess that most folks on here are white but what do I know.

    So with that being said, I will start it off, black male, 34.

    Oh and by the way, my rant for the day is the commentary by one of the NBC annoucers last night. This guy straight up slighted Gabrielle Douglas by basically saying (wrapping up gymnastic coverage) “In the beginning it was Gabby Douglas, gaining new fans and in the end it was the rock, the team captain Aly Raisman coming through and bringing home the gold”. I mean really, WTF is that? Some of you may say I am digging but I know exactly what he was doing and so does he. Not cool, as if Douglas did not win gold in the women’s all around.

    • If you’re trying to say that is a racist comment then my mind is completely blown and I might give up on this world.

    • I didn’t see it but from your description that doesn’t sound like a slight at all. It sounds like a fairly accurate description of the contour of the women’s gymnastics coverage over the last week or so. What do you think he was doing?

      • I think he was playing up Aly and what she accomplished while not really giving a full nod to Gabrielle and what she accomplished.

        You may or may not agree, but it is the little subtle things.

        • Er, no I don’t agree. I don’t think I missed any subtleties at all, it’s just a very plain statement. Ok, let’s break it down: the commentator starts by acknowledging the contributions made by the one gymnast and then concludes by acknowledging the contributions made by another gymnast. One could argue that s/he failed to mention some of the other gymnasts, but that’s about all.

        • I don’t agree. Gabby was was the golden darling of US women’s gymnastics earlier in the competition (sounds like the guy guy said as much). At the end it was Raisman who was the outstanding performer. I think they both got tons of attention and both got recognized when they came out on top. What’s the issue?

    • Ok, I’ll bite.
      Please tell me what the NBC commentator is saying, because it sounds like an accurate description of the week in gymnastics to me. Believe me there’s plenty of other reasons to get all over NBC but I’m not seeing this one.

    • I smell the next Friday QotD.

      I think you’re reading too much into that commentary. Gabby started faltering toward the end and Reisman stepped up her game toward the end. I’d be more upset over Fox “News” questioning Gabby’s patriotism.

      • I missed that one, what did they say?

        • “There was a proud moment at the Olympics yesterday when 16-year-old Gabby Douglas won a gold medal in gymnastics…And some folks have noticed that American athletesโ€™ uniforms donโ€™t carry the Stars and Stripes look as much as they had in past years. The famous flag-style outfits worn in years past replaced with yellow shirts, gray tracksuits, pink leotards. So how do we show our patriotism at the games…What we’re seeing is this kind of soft anti-American feeling that Americans can’t show our exceptionalism…”

      • I think he could also add, where are you originally from or something like that as well.

    • People, chill out. Damn you all are a sensitive bunch. It is my rant, not yours mine, if you don’t like it fine, it cost you nothing, pay it no mind.

      • To quote the late Rodney King “Can’t we all get along?”
        Surely this is not an issue worth arguing over. Now what is worth arguing over is the ridiculous amount of prime time coverage gymnastics received. Considering its a sport watched only by perverts and child abusers I find it odd that it received any advertising revenue.

        • LOL! Now that is trolling – “Considering its a sport watched only by perverts and child abusers “.

          • Seriously, you telling me that the majority of the tv audience doesn’t have some weird sexual thing going on. I mean have you watched gymnastics at all??

          • LOL! I watch it but I pretty much will watch all sports and have watched the Olympics since I can remember.

      • I thought the light and dark skinned people in the US and in DC had decided to move on from the 400+ years of bigotry and hate, and start openly loving one another and to forever forget about skin color as an important characteristic of one’s being — after all it’s the Chinese we’re afraid of now, isn’t it? Do we need to all sign a Charter or something?

    • PoP did a survey a year or two ago. Basically, this blog is whiter and younger than DC in general. Maybe PoP will redo the survey.

      I’m a 49-year-old white guy.

    • I’m glad that I have no interest in gymnastics and most other olympic sports.

    • 42, white male, lives in Maryland and works in DC.

    • At the very least, I like that this question let’s us get to know each other better…let’s be honest: PoP has become a community, not just an anonymous blog, and that’s what makes it special.

      White, 35 yrs old, rent in Adams Morgan. I like long walks on the beach…. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Agreed, the polls are nice but we do not know who is who (for whatever it is worth).

      • Emmaleigh504

        Hi neighbor! 36 soon to be 44, white female in Adams Morgan. I also claim Chinese because when I was 5 I thought I was Chinese and managed to convince my kindergarten class that I was.

        • Howdy neighbor! Always glad to meet neighborhood folks. And don’t worry about feeling old…just do what I do and act like a teenager and make foolish life choices ๐Ÿ˜‰

          No seriously, we’re still fun-loving young people who live in cool neighborhoods…that at least doubles our life expectancy, right?

          • Emmaleigh504

            I don’t feel or act old, I’m just adding years to my age so I can look better. When I tell people I’m turning 46 at the end of the month their mouths drop ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Not surprising that the media narrative would be Douglas was great in the beginning, Reisman was great in the end. Strictly speaking, it’s true. Janet Jackson said it best – “What have you done for me lately?”
      When Douglas won the individual all around competition, the target was on her back. Expectations were raised. If she faltered, it would be big news. She faltered, and it was big news. Someone else shined, and it was big news. Doesn’t take away from the significance of Douglas’ accomplishment and won’t limit the opportunities she will have going forward.
      At least the NBC announcer didn’t talk about her hair.

      • Now this is a response I can respect and not just your quick to claim “trolling, race bating, racism…”

        Thank you.

        • hey Kam, PoP did a whole pole on the demographics of his readership. Sorry you weren’t around or paying attention, but don’t go acting like this is somehow an affront to some group of people or like the commenters here don’t think it’s important.

          • Maybe I am slow today but huh?

          • If you are talking about my comment, I am just saying that because someone says something, we don’t always need to be so quick to make it into something that it is not. People express themselves in different ways and see things differently. I just feel like whenever someone says something we always make it into a race issue.

          • *snort*
            like your original comment? lol.

    • 44 — Asian transgender here

  • burritosinstereo

    Rant: I woke up this morning with The Immaculate Hangover. I didn’t drink nearly enough to deserve this.

    Rave: I think it’s starting it’s slow exit out of my body. And I brought marinated tofu from H Mart for lunch.

    • You kinda made my day. It shall now be known to me as The Immaculate Hangover. Also, I love the marinated tofu from HMart! But I love me some HMart in general anyway.

  • Rant: was on my way to play for some of the troops at Walter Reed, and got a call that my gig was cancelled due to a bomb threat. So sad that even there the troops and staff can’t escape the fear of humanity’s obsession with weapons and destruction. Thousands of troops recovering from having their limbs brown off by land mines, and someone threatens them with a BOMB? I am disgusted.

    Rave: glad everyone is ok, and no gig means I can hang with a coffee at Tryst and then go home and record some music for a few projects that hired me.

  • Rant: Exactly 3 days after we moved into our new apartment, the washing machine broke. Irreparably.

    Rave: Great repair guy came out at the scheduled time and diagnosed the issue within 5 minutes (Peaco Appliance Service– highly recommended!).

    Rave: Awesome landlords decided to spring for a brand-new washing machine instead of the cheaper refurbished one.

    Rant: Between the service call and appliance delivery, I’ve had to use 5 vacation hours to deal with this issue.

    Rave: While waiting for repair guys/appliance delivery guys, I get to watch the Olympics on TV.

  • Rave: Wonderful wedding in Punta Cana and a two week honeymoon was relaxing and awesome!
    Rant: Back to work and hundreds of emails.
    Rave: At least I can work from home.
    Rant: I have a lot of laundry to do. I love my husband, but I don’t love doubling my amount of laundry.
    RAVE: Whatever, I married my best friend on the planet and I can’t stop smiling!

    • Couldn’t your husband do his own laundry?

      It’s been a long time since I cohabited with someone, but when I did, he did his own laundry and I (female) did mine. I think neither of us liked the way the other did laundry. It might’ve also factored in that the laundry room wasn’t even in our building; we had to haul our laundry over to a nearby building.

      I was already annoyed at being stuck with what felt like a disproportionate share of the housework, as we had different standards of cleanliness. If he’d tried to stick me with his laundry, I would have refused.

      • Haha, whoops. To clarify, my husband didn’t stick me with his laundry. It’s just the simple matter that he works in the office every day and I go in once a week and work from home the rest of the time.

        It’s really just easier for me to do it. Plus, our building rule is that you can’t do laundry after 10 pm.

        He does a lot of housework. I don’t want Popville to think I am slighting him. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Maybe he isn’t sticking her with his laundry, but is in fact compromising. I do the majority of my husband’s laundry, but he also does the majority of washing dishes, which is a chore that seriously grosses me out.

        Just pointing out that is could possibly be a similar situation here.

    • Congrats on the wedding!

      Post-vacation laundry is its own special brand of terrible, but seriously, if you hate doing laundry you don’t have to do it all yourself. Maybe do the whites and ask your husband to do the darks. That way it isn’t like “I’ll do mine and you do yours.” I don’t know how long you’ve cohabited, but once you let something become “your” chore it can be hard to change it up!

    • novadancer

      I had the same issue but now (married 3 yrs) my husband does all the laundry ๐Ÿ™‚ Granted, that means I take on other tasks which he hates more than I do (and sometimes takes time to figure out).

  • Rant: Having a bad hair day. Thanks, DC humidity.

    Rave: Went to a screening of The Campaign last night and I’m still laughing about it. Also, Dennis Kucinich was sitting behind me. I kept wondering if he felt awkward at some of the politician jabs.

  • claire

    Rave: Lots of interesting reader rants + raves to read through today!

  • Rant: Used the 311 app to report a traffic light in dupont circle thats been faced the wrong way since the derecho and it continues to face the wrong way. Has no one else noticed this? It’s on Massachusetts entering the circle from the 20th street side.

  • Rant: Bought a pair of shoes online from Younkers and the left one is slightly too big. I’d love to take them back to an actual store and try on some left shoes but Younkers does not exist out here!

    Rave: Leaving work at 3:30! Going to Costco to pick up a cake and drinks for a lunch tomorrow. It’s work related but at least I’m out of the office!

    Rave: Bought a floppy hat and swimsuit coverup for the beach this weekend! Cannot wait! Plus going with awesome people, so no matter how long we’re stuck in the car it won’t suck too much.

    Uber Rave: The *awesome* 90’s cover band, White Ford Bronco, will be at the Barking Dog in Bethesda next weekend!

  • Traffic light soundbound on Sherman at Harvard is out during construction, nobody looks at the one over to the far right, people keep blowing through the red light and are nearly getting T-boned and nobody on the site is helping direct traffic. Be careful folks!

  • Rave – Fledgling Mockingbirds in Meridian Hill park! Hopping around comically trying out their little wings while mom & dad look on protectively.

    Please keep dogs on leashes & pay careful attention with retractable leash so the little things don’t get killed.

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