New Vegas Lounge Reopens in Logan Circle

1415 P Street, NW

A few weeks ago we learned the New Vegas Lounge was getting renovated at 1415 P St, NW. I’m happy to see they’ve already reopened. Anyone get a chance to see how the inside turned out?

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  • I went there on Friday, but it was my first time, so I have no basis of comparison. It looked great and the live music was fun, felt more like NOLA to me than Vegas. The crowd was mostly white and seemed college-age.

  • Damn. I thought they were going to redo the outside.

  • If memory serves this is next door to the old location of the legendary BBQ’d Iguana circa late 80’s early nineties. What was the story on that place anyway? It couldn’t have been a legit business, just seemed to be a burnt out storefront used for live music

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