Thurs. Afternoon Rental Option – SW Waterfront

This rental is located at 1344 Half Street, SW:

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The listing says:

“MUST SEE this lovely Townhouse Condo only 7 years young featuring newly installed custom hardwood floors on the main level, 3 Bedrooms, 2.5 Baths, fenced yard with patio area for your spring picnic, off street parking to the rear of the property. Just a few blocks away from Waterfront and Navy Yard Metro stops, and one block from the Washington National Stadium.”

This 3 bed/2.5 bath is going for $2,100/Mo.

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  • right in the middle of the most crime ridden blocks of SW. almost 1000 units of public housing within 4 blocks. overpriced.

  • It sounds like a good price, but be warned that this block is sketchy! I used to live around the corner, on Carrollsburg Place, which was slightly better but still not great. I had an alarm system, and thick sturdy bars on the doors and windows, and someone still broke into my house. I couldn’t even stick around for the length of my lease– it just felt too unsafe. There are some wonderful people in the neighborhood but also a criminal element.

  • Allison

    I live in this area a few blocks over, and I’ve driven down this street a few times. This particular group of blocks is most definitely sketch-tastic. Great price, but your renter’s insurance better be top notch.

    • Yeah, you could certainly do worse for $700/month (assuming you shared it with 2 friends). Really close to the metro, and the Yards and Wharf which are undergoing a lot of exciting new development. It’s also not a bad walk to Barracks Row and the National Mall. And an excellent commute for Navy Yard and DoT employees.

      • You could really do a lot better, too. I went to see it last weekend (interested in purchasing it) and it is awkwardly situated right in the middle of blocks and blocks of projects. Whoever lives here will have a target painted on their back. A metro isn’t a lot of good if it’s not safe to walk to it.

  • I’ve driven up this street to get to Zigfields/Secrets. Not in this lifetime or beyond would I rent on this street.

  • When I was burglarized in this neighborhood the cops insisted we must have had drugs in the house, because apparently that’s the norm around here.

  • I pay the same for a 3 bedroom 1.5 bath in a quiet part of Columbia Heights… Utilities included… this seems like a complete rip off…

  • I used to live on Half St. SW, two blocks away from here. The area may be rapidly changing for the better, but the public housing is not going anywhere anytime soon. 95% of the residents are upstanding decent people, but be prepared for occasional harassment by the local feral youths, especially if you’re not black. I know, I know, I’m injecting race into the issue; but keep in mind that some people will see you as an interloper and an invader of their ‘hood. I went out of my way to be polite to people–always saying hello on the sidewalk to passers-by, introducing myself to neighbors both in privately-owned and public housing, being engaged in neighborhood events; but I often found myself as a target of the perception that I was part of the forces keeping the people living in public housing poor and isolated. Adults generally are not the problem; it’s their kids and grandkids, who might not have any qualms about making you, your home and your parked car a target. That being said, if you love a challenge and have a knack making connections with people of all walks, it might be a good deal.

    • I’m the one who commented above that used to live in the neighborhood, and I agree with everything you’ve said. It’s the kids that were the problem. The parents/grandparents on my block were some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. If only they’d had more of an influence on thier offspring.

  • I once had my car “valet parked” for free on this block while I was watching the Nats. Never saw the car again. Seemed like too good a deal.

  • I wouldn’t live here if it were totally free. In fact, not even if you paid me $2100 a month!

  • I accidentally went down this block a decade ago… I didn’t even stop for the stop signs. I’m sure things have slightly improved since hen… But maybe not enough

  • Someone got stabbed on this block earlier this evening. Latest is suspect was last seen heading north on Half Street. I have a high tolerance for transitional hoods and have lived in the City since the mid 90s include CH in the pre target days. And you couldn’t pay me $2100 to live on this street. Other parts of SW yes but never here.

  • Yipes. I was walking to a friend’s place, which is on this block, in the middle of the day and was pushed around/robbed by a group of kids. So yeah, I have avoided that whole area since.

  • This price is about 10 years too early for this neighborhood. I have friends who have a much nicer and larger 3BR/2.5BA townhouse near H and 6 SW for less rent. Maybe in 10 years when there’s development near the ballpark, along South Capitol and (hopefully) a DC United Stadium, this price will be worth it, but I would steer clear of this.

  • What a coincidence! I just went to see this house on Saturday with a realtor (it has been listed for sale for over a year). The price they are asking is waaay too high ($339,900) and I was very unimpressed by the neighborhood. The front of this house looks right across the street to a project and there were a lot of sketchy people hanging around doing nothing (except glaring at us). The backyard is shadowed by a humongous construction site of a high rise building, that looks like it won’t be finished for years. The house was somewhat nice inside but the finishes and size weren’t enough to make up for the location. The projects seem to surround it and just go on and on and on. Just like they set the sale price laughably high, they also set the rent price ridiculously high.

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