SunTrust Bank Coming to Wisconsin and Macomb St, NW

The long vacant former florist’s space at Wisconsin and Macomb St, NW finally has a new tenant – a SunTrust bank looks like it’ll be opening very soon.

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  • Oh great, another waste of prime retail space. I read awhile back that banks open branches these days mainly for the advertising value, since people don’t do much in person at banks anymore. Sad that something more of day-to-day use didn’t open there, particularly with so much closed in that ‘hood pending the much-NIMBY-delayed Giant reconstruction.

    • ah

      +1. Good if it’s temporary, and I suppose the only people who do still go into banks are the same old people who were complaining about the new Giant and how it would ruin the outdated 50 yo streetscape in that area.

  • This is apparently just a temporary relocation from the branch scheduled for demolition as part of the Giant project. Previously this space was vacant, and before that it was occupied 24/7 by a homeless man. So, while a retail bank is definitely blah, it’s the best use of that space that I’ve seen in my 3 years living in the neighborhood.

  • Yet another street-life killing, butt-ugly step in the CVS-isation of our urban landscape,

  • who knew a bank branch would get folks riled up…

  • Chris is correct, it’s temporary, and as a resident of this neighborhood, I’m much happier seeing this over an empty storefront – especially with the impending sh*tstorm of construction coming our way. Hopefully something more exciting will eventually move into that space, but I’m happy with this for now.

    That Suntrust will be the only (non-liquor store-type) ATM on Wisconsin Avenue for many, many blocks. If you don’t live here, you may not realize how important something like this is to retain; it actually *does* do a lot for this urban neighborhood.

    • And for the record, I’d be pretty psyched about a little CVS, too. There’s something to be said for walkability, y’all.

  • oooo, another storefront regional chain bank. be still, my heart . . .

  • “Urban neighborhood?” ROFL

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