Gonna Be Tough To Watch the Fireworks at Cardozo – Alternatives?

A reader mentions that it’ll be tough to watch the fireworks from the normally awesome vantage point at Cardozo High School located at 13th and Clifton St, NW. We discussed some alternative viewing spots a few weeks ago. Any other last minute recommendations for where to watch?

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  • Ive watched the fireworks from the 14th Street Bridge (pedestrian lanes) before and thats nice. Meredian Hill Park is a good spot but can be crowded. I also have enjoyed them from the comforts of my A/C and sofa with a cold Corona while tuned into PBS.

    • orderedchaos

      +1 to the PBS+A/C option. Though we’ll have plenty of impressive fireworks in our neighborhood, so I’m sure we’ll wander the nearby streets a bit as well.

  • Make friends with someone who has a roofdeck with a sightline that looks towards downtown! Or park along the GW parkway (tons of people do it on the 4th) and watch it from across the river. Has anyone tried watching the fireworks from the waterfront park in Georgetown? Can you see well, or are you blocked by the Kennedy Center?

  • I kinda hope it rains. Every year the neighborhood turns into a mini war zone, with people launching fireworks nearly all day and night, many landing on rooftops like mine.

    Last year I had to extinguish a rocket carcass that had landed in my gutter where it lit some dried leaves on fire. Not cool

  • Watching them from a kayak on the Potomac – any suggestions?

    Also, I hear you can get a great view from Iwo Jima.

  • They say you can see them from the Old Soldier’s Home, so I think I’m going to head over there.

  • Does anybody know if there is a top deck to the Giant parking garage in Columbia Heights, and if so, if you can go up there and watch them?

  • Fort Reno Park in Tenleytown is the highest point in the city. That’s where I’ll be headed.

  • Um…how about watching it from the place that the picture of Cardozon was taken?

  • Just slipped the pup a salami-wrapped doggie tranq – let the mayhem begin! Oh, wait, it began a month ago around here!

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