Dear PoPville – Anyone know of some good reverse happy hours?

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Dear PoPville,

I work non-traditional hours (my hours fluctuate daily but I’m generally working 10am-2pm and 4pm-930pm) and would love to know who in the area offers reverse/late night happy hours for broke folks like me who generally can’t make it out before 9 or 10pm.

I’d also be interested in learning about healthy options for folks like us.. for example yoga or tai chi classes offered around 2 or 3 pm. Any feedback is much appreciated! Thanks!

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  • I doubt many bars offer “happy hour” specials at 10pm. You might be able to find a deal or two between 2pm and 4pm assuming your job doesn’t involve operating heavy machinery.

  • Meridian Pint has a Beermergency on Tuesday nights at 11pm – half their draft beers are $3.

  • Not sure on the HH deals but Fuse Pilates as a ton of options for Pilates/Yoga fusion classes, mat and reformer throughout the day. They’re located right off of Dupont Circle.

  • Ping Pong Dim Sum in Chinatown has late night specials on Frida-Sunday from 10pm until close and Cantina Marina has all day specials depending on the day of the week.

    • Yuck! Ping pong dimsum is a) not really dim sum, b) terrible and c) a mockery of Chinese food.

      • that may be true, however thier drinks are still delish and the OP didn’t ask for the best Chinese food or Dim Sum, they asked for Happy Hour speicals.

  • Your basement apartment and a $10 handle of Vladimir Vodka. Don’t plan on waking up before 1pm.

  • At Smoke & Barrel you get $1 off beers at 10 pm, $2 off at 11, etc. It might only be weekends, though.

    • Smoke & Barrel’s Craft Countdown is indeed every Friday and Saturday starting at 10 PM. Follow @beerbbqbourbon for the password.

  • I think Ceiba downtown does a happy hour that starts at 9pm. Awesome drinks and food.

    • Ah, forgot about Ceiba! Yes, very good late night happy hour.

    • Also I think there’s that place on K street that is owned by the same restaurant group as Ceiba that does this (or at least used to)…mmm…I think it’s called DC coast. Sorry, can’t remember for sure but something like that.

  • You’re lucky, in a way. It’s much easier to get appointments with doctors and hair stylists and whatnot if you do it in the middle of the workday. And I think you get better service too because they’re not swamped with the 9-5 crowd.

  • Go to and then change the time to 10 PM or whatever your little heart desires. I tried it and it came up with a good number of places.

  • Ruby Tuesday has a reverse Happy Hour starting at 9PM (cue all of the anti-chain hate about how its not “authentic”) Cheap, ice cold beer and $5 apps. Plus, there is an awesome crowd of regulars in the Columbia Heights outlet. I resisted at first, but it has become one of my neighborhood go-to’s.

    Also, RedRocks has a reverse happy hour at 10PM. They offer a dollar off drafts and $6 pizzas, calzones, and caesar salads. Get there shortly after 10PM because they don’t keep the kitchen open munch longer.

  • Hill Country has a reverse happy hour.

  • This seems like quite a good list. Also – I think Hank’s Oyster Bar has a late night happy hour.

    • Hank’s Oyster Bar does 1/2 price raw bar specials from 10pm-midnight, I think its Mon-Fri but not positive. We went on Wednesday.

  • Old Ebbitt Grill has a late night happy hour. I think it runs M-Th starting at 11pm.

  • Not technically in the District but the Jaleo in Bethesda has “Jaleo Hour” from 10-2 with happy hour sangria/tapas prices. The Rock Bottom there also starts happy hour again at 10 pm…$2 off everything.

  • I think Shaw’s tavern has a HH that starts at 10 too

  • Touchdown on U Street has reverse/late night happy hour, though I’m not sure if it’s every night or just on the weekends. They have generally cheap drinks all the time though.

  • Clydes offers happy hour at 10:00 on their bar food and oysters. Wednesdays are half off of wine bottles.

  • Domku used to have reverse happy hour. I don’t go anymore so it can’t say if it’s still the case.

  • I think Bottom Line has one too, maybe only on Fridays though.

  • Chix on 11th offers reverse happy hour with really good deals on a bottle of wine and some pretty tasty roast chicken and healthy sides.

  • McCormick & Schmick’s has a happy hour that runs 9PM – close Tues-Sat. Includes lots of food and drink specials, check out the menu:

  • springroadintoaction

    Maddy’s in Dupont has happy hour from 2pm-close on Sundays.

  • Shaw’s in Ledroit Park has a happy hour from 10 – 12. District Commons (across from Foggy Bottom Metro) has great meal specials every night that start at 10 p.m.

  • Mortons Steakhouse has happy hour every night but Saturday from 9 pm to close. Drinks aren’t quite as cheap as other happy hours ($5 beer, $7.50 wine, and I think $8.00 martinis) but they have good deals on bar food – $5 and $6 bar bites, and they are GOOD – mini filet mignon sandwiches, sliders, mini crab cake BLTs, blue cheese fries. Georgetown has both the food and drink specials, and the Connecticut Ave location has the food specials only.

  • There’s a cute Italian Restaurant, Floriana on 17th st, that does half price bottles of wine until 10:30 p.m. on Wednesday’s and Sunday’s–if you wanted to go the “classier” route.

  • Dickson wine bar has happy hour all night on mondays from 5pm-10pm and B&V ($5bourbon and $5vodka) specials on sundays from 5pm-2am (with a dj coming next week)

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