Lalibela Ethiopian Restaurant Moving Into Former 1409 Playbill Cafe in Logan Circle

1409 14th St, NW

1409 Playbill Cafe closed at 1409 14th St, NW at the end of Sept. 2011. Lalibela Ethiopian Restaurant currently located a couple of storefronts away at the corner of 14th and P St, NW will be moving into the former Playbill space.

I’m told Lalibela will be vacating their current location next month. Stay tuned to see who moves into that space.

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  • I wish there was a way to bet on whether this property will be demolished and turned into a 5-8 story condo building, because there is no doubt in my mind that is what’s going to happen.

  • I thought that entire corner was up for redevelopment?

    • Yeah, that makes no sense. I thought that’s why the Playbill and Reincarnations had to close?

      • They put up a “For Lease” sign on Reincarnations space the day after they closed.

        I certainly wouldn’t cry if they did redevelop the part of the corner where the Lalibela/Playbill are located.

    • That’s what I thought as well. Maybe the Fish Market that was on the opposite side of 14th will relocate to the soon-to-be-old Ethiopian location.

    • My thoughts exactly. I had heard that the entire block was being redeveloped, hence Playbill’s closure.

  • Would be awesome to see a Chipotle open in that area.

  • they’re giving up their outdoor space? hmm.

  • Yeah, I used to love that Ethiopian layer cake they used to have. It was so delicious!

    And I’m going to miss Playbill’s. Back in the day, the cabaret shows they put on there were phenomenal. Watched a lot of local talents perform there who went on to better things.

    • I stopped going to Playbill years ago. One of the owners was really nice, but his partner was a hateful person. The only thing I ever saw him do was sit at the bar every night and get drunk. The drunker he got the ruder he got to the customers.

      • Was that the old withered looking guy with a stache who was there every night doing basically nothing but drinking?

      • I didn’t like the guy either. However, before we go on about him you should know he passed away two months ago. His partner was very shaken up and is very sad about his loss.

  • Wow, that is crazy. That restaurant has been there forever, well I know at least since the mid-90’s.

  • boring.

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