HR 57 Becomes Fever Bar and Lounge at 816 H St, NE Re-Opens at 1007 H St, NE

816 H St, NE

HR-57’s brief sojourn has ended at 816 H St, NE. According to a recent liquor license application that space will now be know as Fever Bar and Lounge:

“New Tavern bar/lounge with entertainment that includes occasional live bands, DJ, dancing and cover charge. Food will typically consist of a short southern menu such as chicken wings, greens, mac and cheese, etc. Occupancy load is 99.”

HR-57’s new digs are located at 1007 H St, NE:

It’s actually two storefront combined:

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  • I never went to HR-57 so can’t comment on the place itself. However, the name, HR-57, seems very bland to me. Even if it has some meaning (House Resolution?), it still sounds too clinical and uninteresting.

    Fever Bar and Lounge sounds like an AdMo-kind of place. I’m not sure I like it, either. It’s overly sexual and sickly at the same time.

  • HR-57 was the measure that acknowledged jazz as a national treasure, so the name is pretty meaningful. I never went to the first H street location, but the original one on 14th was pretty awesome in a lo-fi way: BYOB, and unpredictable jam sessions that often featured amazing local talent. I miss the old musical U street scene…

    • The history is exactly why I love the name HR-57. I’ve been to the 14th St location and the musicians were phenomenal. We can not lose that! Rock on, HR-57! I’d like to see more food/drink options- but appreciate the quality and variety of the music HR-57 offers. Haven’t been to H St yet. Ever considered a move north? My guess is you’d find a loyal audience in Petworth.

    • I love the name too.

      Haven’t been to H St, but I used to go often on wed. night for the open jam sessions. They were excellent.

      BYOB, get wings and collards up front, and listen to sweet music. Good times.

  • The more live jazz, the merrier! Viva la jazz!

    Wish we could have more shots of the current place (which looks great) rather than shots of what it looked like before (which was depressingly drab)

  • We used to get super baked on jazz cigarettes at the old location on 14th and nobody ever seemed to mind. That’s what made that place so often. They also had music there.

  • Definitely miss the old location and vibe. Never went to the new, and will probably never venture to the new new. It’s just too inconvenient.

    • too inconvenient (for you).

      • Well yeah, that was implied and I assumed understood. Grumpy this morning?

        • It’s the rain. It sends some people with depressive tendencies into a tailspin.

        • A lot of people talk like a night’s journey to H Street is tantamount to visiting Mordor and returning alive. Sorry if that was an overreaction.

          • Also, there are so many people that live near this new location that it’s quite convenient for loads of people.

          • one does not simply walk into h street

          • i feel that way about columbia heights. two buses to get there? no thanks.

          • The thousands of people who live around H Street do walk to H all the time. The NW-centrism on this blog blows my mind sometimes.

            And if you do live near the old location, it’s about a $10 cab ride, a 15 minute bike ride, or one bus transfer (or take one of the 90s and you don’t even need to switch buses)

  • I went to Fever a few weeks ago, 9th Wonder was dj’n. It was a great time. Over the weekend they had Maseo from De La Soul. I look forward to checking out there other events.

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