Petworth’s Chez Billy Update: Patio, Live Jazz and Dinner for Locals Coming Soon

3815 Georgia Ave, NW

Chez Billy opened at 3815 Georgia Ave, NW in April 2012. Here are some updates from an email:


Chez Billy’s backyard beer garden will debut in mid June. We will feature our bar menu and reduced pricing on growlers of selected draft beers.

Jazz in the lounge

In cooperation with the Petworth Jazz Project, Chez Billy will feature live jazz sessions every Thursday, Friday and Saturday in the upstairs lounge. The full bar menu will be available. Entertainment hours will run from 6:30 until late night.

Dinner for locals

Every Sunday through Wednesday locals are invited to join us at Chez Billy for neighborhood appreciation dining specials. Patrons seated in the dining room by 6:30 who present proof of residency in zip codes 20010 and 20011 will get 15% off of their entire check. Reservations are suggested. Please mention neighborhood appreciation when booking a reservation through open table.

You can see all menus here:

Dinner Menu

Brunch Menu

Bar Menu

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  • bfinpetworth

    The jazz, growlers, and the local special sounds great. And is it my imagination, or did some of the prices on the menu get lowered a bit? I’d like to see the bar menu expanded to include a burger or something similar, but overall, things are looking good at Chez Billy!

    • Not your imagination, some of the prices on the menu did get lowered a bit.

    • We went on Saturday, and I recall people complaining here that the steak frites was $29. Looks like they came down a bit to $23, so apparently they heard us about the prices.

      • I was going t sign in specifically to state I will not be going back there because of their outragious prices, so its good to see they’ve lowered a bit, but still not worth it. This location, the quality, etc – no meal should be over $20. I am rooting for them though.

        • No meal should cost more than $20? Enjoy your hormone laden proteins and Mexican produce. Is this Jared from Subway?

    • Bar Menu – it has been expanded substantially. You can see the updated version on the Chez Billy website,

  • I live less than a mile from Chez Billy, but apparently I’m not a local.

  • So how does the neighborhood appreciation thing work if you’re in a group of people who aren’t all from the neighborhood? I’d qualify but some of my friends (or out of town guests) wouldn’t.

    • Only one person per group needs to have an ID showing the accepted zip codes.

      • Thanks for putting this on! We’re real happy to have you in the neighborhood. I’m coming soon and bringing friends.

        It’s neat that you’re working with the Jazz Project, too. This is how a local restaurant should do things. I’ll support it with my $$.

  • orderedchaos

    We went for dinner once and loved it! Will definitely return.

    So psyched for growlers — pleased that we will have a walking-distance refill destination.

  • Anyone know how kid-friendly the place is? I’m dying to try it out.

    • When we ate there we had our 8 month old son with us and there was an infant at another table as well. Our reservations were at 5:30pm. I think as long as you eat early kids are fine 🙂

    • its amazing how utterly underserved the middle class family is in this town. people, we need restaurants and more entertainment that cater to kids in this town if we want to sustain our growth and keep people in the city.

      bring something like the now defunt generous georges positive pizza and pasta and plunk it down on the hill, or in bloomingdale, or in petworth, then retire early.

      • Probably not the restaurant’s fault, but my husband and I recently paid for a babysitter, went there for a rare date night, just the two of us. Our child is typically well behaved, but we keep pretty strict rules (my husband and I are both ex-military, from military families). In public places such as restaurants, if our daughter starts to make a fuss, one of us will take the child out and tend to her needs. Well, we didn’t want to worry about that this night, so we hired a babysitter.
        We consider ourselves sensitive to a fault on the “privilege” of having our child with us in a public space especially restaurants. We never go to movies or nicer restaurants unless it is in our budget to do both the event AND get a sitter. If it’s not in our budget, we will simply forego and do a night in with NetFlix and take out (still a darn good date night!). I would consider this restaurant a nicer place, we certainly paid good money to eat and drink there, plus the expense of a sitter. It’s not a fortune, but it’s not an every night thing either.
        Well, three other couples around us clearly didn’t have the same consideration, and I try very hard not for this to be a judgment. I have real mixed emotions about it because I can totally understand when a child is upset, nothing wrings my heart more than the sound of my child crying. All three couples were drinking wine or mixed drinks, enjoying themselves with their friends, while their children (maybe 2 yo) just cried the whole time, with only the occasional tending to the child. And this wasn’t at 6:00 PM, it was closer to 9:30 PM, which, again, no judgment, is just way too late for a kid that age in our opinion.
        When we reflect on it, we spent money to get a sitter and we just guess that we don’t understand why others don’t feel it necessary to extend the same courtesy to other dining patrons. I could only laugh when my husband mumbled under his breath, “Jesus, there’s a Wendy’s across the street!” By the time we paid our check, went home, checked the sleeping little one and paid the sitter, I said to him, “well, we probably shouldn’t go back, or if we do, at least we know we can bring out little one, and not worry about her having a fit.” We got a good laugh out of it, which probably was the highlight of the evening.
        I hate to penalize the restaurant for this, but as I think more on it, it does kind of irritate me. I guess I want both a family restaurant in the neighborhood where I can let my hair down, have a less than content toddler, spend a little less money and still have a good time. But I also want a nice date-night restaurant in the neighborhood, where I can put my hair up, spend a little more money and have a different but equally good time. Unfortunately, I think Chez Billy is more the first, not the second.

        • I like the way you think about you, your family and other patrons at an establishment. So thoughtful. I think it’s a fine line on the debate of dining with children. Often times the fault seems to lie with the parent(s), which is probably what that table you talk about illustrates. People don’t get babysitters because that’s an added cost to what might be an expensive night already (or they don’t budget for it). I think the problem in your example and I’ve seen this is that when parents go out they want to have a good time and capture a time like when they were without child. That’s fine except for when your child is not behaving, you have to address the issue. It sounds like this table of parents insisted on having a good time, at the expense of their children being fussy or unhappy and other customers. If you want to have a break from parenting (dinner out), then a babysitter might be a great idea. Otherwise, while being a diner you are still a parent on duty.

      • 2 Amys seems to be the spot for families with hyperactive kids these days.

  • We had dinner there with our moms on Mother’s Day. The food was delicious and the place looks great. Thanks to the Management for the local specials, we will definitely take advantage of this!! I have a small suggestion as well…a few of our friends have commented that the options for vegetarians are fairly limited…would be great if this could be expanded some. Otherwise I have to tell you people are sooooo excited about having Chez Billy in the neighborhood and I’ve heard nothing but raves from people who have eaten there!

    • binpetworth

      I second the recommendation to have more veggie options. Many of my vegetarian friends don’t eat seafood, so while the gnocchi looks great, it’d be nice to have one other dish to choose from as a main course.

    • Also please play more go-go music, and it would be nice if you put a bowl of M&Ms for guests on the host stand (my partner and I love M&Ms).

  • I’ll echo the expanded bar menu request, but live jazz is a huge plus! Cocktails still seem too pricey for my wallet and I’d love an expanded draft menu with some craft brews, but this is sounding good.

  • Does the 15% off count towards brunch on Sunday as well? Or more for Sunday-Thursday dinner? Everything looks great on the menu!

  • FWIW, the Nicoise Salad at Marvin’s (which I love) is only $17 and they give you yellowfin, $23 for albacore at Chez Billy. Everything else seems about the same in comparison.

  • “Patrons seated in the dining room by 6:30 who present proof of residency in zip codes 20010 and 20011 will get 15% off of their entire check.”

    That’s kind of like Chick Fil-A giving discounts to patrons who show their church newsletters.

  • If anyone can get from their job to Petworth by 6:30 they aren’t working hard enough.

    Just joking. I actually disagree with statement that but unfortunately most of the city does not.

    Lower your prices and drop the gimmicks. Then when my girl gets home at 8 PM we’ll head over. You’d be so much better off with us coming twice a month rather than never. And you’re only a few bucks (and blocks) away.

    And $6 for a beer is just plain silly. You’ll make so much less money on that tap water I’m going to order.


  • Petworth desperately needs more options for dining out. There’s so little here right now so I’m grateful to have Chez Billy nearby. But I had sticker shock after eating there. We enjoyed a nice meal at the bar (with not very friendly service I’m sorry to say) but it set us back almost $100 and I figured I couldn’t really afford to come back. I’d eat here weekly if there were more affordable – and healthy – options on the menu. I don’t think the neighborhood is ready for the $30/entree yet. Plus turn up the lights a bit – geez, could barely read the menu it was so dark in here.

  • Love this place but wish they would add the burger they offer at Marvin! Can’t have a bar menu without a burger!

  • I’ve been here once at the bar and once for dinner. Great food, good service, and welcome addition to the neighborhood. I would recommend eating in the bar area, as it is much cozier. Can’t wait to try brunch and excited for the patio. As far as pricing goes, this place is certainly not cheap, but offers high-quality food and drinks with an atmosphere that has been missing in the Petworth bar scene.

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