Former King-N-I Space at 847 Upshur St, NW to Become a Sit Down Restaurant and Lounge in Petworth

847 Upshur St, NW

I’m not gonna pretend to understand what happened to the King-n-I that was located at 847 Upshur St, NW. But the closure might be a blessing in disguise. I spoke with one of the new owners who shares great news. The space is being completely gutted and while it will still feature a large bar there will also be a proper sit down area including a lounge area with tvs showing sports. At the moment the plans are to name the restaurant simply – “Good Food”. It will feature “good soul food.” They still have to apply for permits, as well as a liquor license, so it will likely be a few months before they open. Stay tuned.

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  • Early this week they dumped a ton of restaurant stuff on the sidewalk – not a good start for the new owners.

  • binpetworth

    Has the place switched owners again? Loved King & I when it first opened and featured falafel but didn’t go back after the ownership changed & they took the Greek food off the menu.

    I welcome another sit-down restaurant in this area, and hope the food really is as good as the name implies (and moderately priced). And I especially hope ther service is better than Domku’s!

  • another sit down place would be a great addition to the neighborhood. its exciting to see things slowly but surely improving on Petworth and GA avenue!

  • Yay! Looking forward to a new place on Upshur Row! 🙂

  • Menu to feature seafood ‘n’ things, maybe?

  • Sounds promising!! Who doesn’t like good food? I hope it has a nice atmosphere and vegetarian options.

  • Now this is definitely excellent news—much better than an Olive Garden, IMHO, but I should save that for a different post.

  • Sounds like a great plan that will appeal to the whole neighborhood…I welcome a place that can be both a family friendly restaurant and a late night bar spot, as an alternative to Domku & Island Cafe. DC Reynolds almost nails it but skews towards the grown ups. Something like Highlands Cafe would be awesome.

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