Rock & Roll Hotel Reminds Us it has an Awesome Roof Deck

Photo courtesy of Rock and Roll Hotel.

Rock and Roll Hotel opened their roof deck back in Nov. 2011 at 1353 H Street, NE. And they had a party Tues. night to show it off. This might be the free beer talking but it was pretty sweet.

Photo courtesy of Rock and Roll Hotel.

I was particularly digging the portholes:

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  • I have to disagree. Now it feels like Marvins. It was much better with no roof.

  • no view, pretty boring. the high walls (I assume to keep the noise in) make it kind of claustrophobic. fine if you’re already at rnr but not a destination

  • Bar roof decks are the new cupcake.

  • Allison

    Too bad I don’t feel safe there. I was there on the second floor once, and it felt like the whole floor was going to fall through at any minute– vibrating and shaking like it couldn’t take all the weight of all the people. Looking around and seeing how crowded it was, I left immediately.

    • As evidenced by the lack of news coverage of a subsequent collapse, I think it’s safe to assume you were wrong about it being “unsafe.”

  • You thought it was sweet? I found it claustrophobic too. Marvins at least has has at least some design features to it.

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