Purveyors Of Rolling Cuisine Food Truck’s Brick and Mortar Restaurant to be called ‘Kangaroo Boxing Club’ in Columbia Heights

by Prince Of Petworth April 4, 2012 at 10:22 pm 17 Comments

3412 11th St, NW

Back in Feb. I shared the news that the PORC food truck was opening a brick and mortar restaurant in Columbia Heights in the old Aquario space at 3412 11th St, NW (next to Meridian Pint.) Yesterday they released the name via email:

Kangaroo Boxing Club to Open in Columbia Heights

Brought to you by the founders of popular food truck, Purveyors of Rolling Cuisine (PORC), Josh Saltzman and Trent Allen; along with fellow U of Michigan alum Chris Powers and DC-native Peyton Sherwood.

Set to open this spring (or early summer, depending), the new neighborhood bar and restaurant, Kangaroo Boxing Club, will offer brick-and-mortar versions of popular PORC offerings and other unique KBC selections.

Kangaroo Boxing will be the establishment everyone wishes for their own neighborhood. A nice relaxed atmosphere, quality and consistent menu options and a solid selection of beer and wine. KBC will be located at 3412 11th St. NW in Columbia Heights, next door to Meridian Pint.

The name, Kangaroo Boxing Club, comes from long-running, drink-infused, late-night bar discussions on the fact that, without technology, man is physically unable to compete with the majority of the animal kingdom. How would you win a match with a kangaroo?


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