Whoopie Pies Coming to Former ACKC Space in Logan Circle?

Back in early Jan. 2012 ACKC Bistro closed their space at 1529 14th Street, NW (just south of Q St.) It’s a prime location and I’ve been wondering who would take over the space. Turns out it could be a whoopie pie destination. @TopShelfWBJ tweeted:

“Just ran into a woman at the Rammys party opening up a whoopie pie space in the old ACKC space on 14th st.”

Stay tuned.

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  • that sounds like a horrible idea

    • +1. I’m pretty sure we’re starting the downward slope of the popularity of cupcake/macaron/stupid overpriced mediocre sweets. Nobody wants to do anything good anymore, they just want to jump on a trend. How about a REAL bakery? Or a damn fine traditional chocolatier?

  • How can a whoopie pie operation possibly afford the rent at 14th and Q?

    • Perhaps they’ll do one of those “kickstarter” fundraiser things – (see Pleasant Pops post, 28 March 2012). Apparently, if you don’t have enough funds to open, just do one of these things and get people in the community to prop you up.

    • Either this is a hoax or the landlords are the same people who greenlighted pets.com and kozmo.com.

      Some of these cutsey/artisinal/farmers market/baked goods ideas are best left where found.

  • Gobs! Yessss! I am super excited by the idea, but terrified by what outlandish price these treats will cost.

  • I wouldn’t get too excited on this yet – gave the woman my card and haven’t heard back, and a real estate source has said otherwise on this space. Wondering if there’s a mix-up on the address. Once I get something tangible, I’ll write something on it.

  • the weird thing is, I’m pretty sure ACKC sold whoopie pies.

  • I had no idea this closed! Now where to get fancy hot chocolates and candy in Logan??!! Bummer

  • Funny, just the other day I was thinking…”what this town needs is a good whoopie pie store”. #businessplanfailure

  • There is a notice in the window stating that Gordon Restaurant Group LLC is seeking to open a restaurant serving “american and international” tapas.
    So, looks like no woopie pies—and yet another small plates restaurant! Is anyone else tired of this small plates concept?

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