The 5pm Post – Vegan Taco Night Thursday at the Highlands Restaurant

“Dffrnt Wrld Deli is doing a Pop-up Shop @ The Highlands restaurant (Starting at 6pm March 15th, 4706 14th St, NW), the theme is Taco Night and its all vegan. Soy free also!”

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  • am I missing something? >$3/taco is taco night?

  • Not even pop-up tacos could get me back into The Highlands.

    Worst. Service. Ever.

  • “Squish,” I’m surprised–I’ve always thought Highlands has good, friendly service. The family that started it is really cute…Highlands is one of my favorite spots in DC. They actually achieve that neighborhoody feel ideal that so many cafes strive for.

    Anonymous, do you know if this is one a la carte taco or a taco plate? If it’s the latter, then that’s a great deal. The $5 item is actually nachos, not tacos.

    Why do Comments always attract so many snarky people and haters? Spread some love instead, people. It’s beautiful out. It’s spring.

  • Are there any non-vegan options available??

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