Lamont Bishop Gallery For Lease at 1314 9th St, NW

Yesterday we learned that the Shakti Yoga space was coming up for lease at 1302 9th St, NW. It seems that is not the only space coming up for lease on the 1300 block of 9th St, NW. The Lamont Bishop Gallery space at 1314 9th St, NW is also coming up for lease. They have a new exhibition launching March 7th so it’s not clear when the space will be vacated. The landlord commented yesterday:

“They are 6 months in arrears in rent etc. and an eviction is forthcoming.”

1314 9th St, NW is located in front of Sundevich and next to Seasonal Pantry.

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  • bummer… but not surprised.

  • can you tell what the rent is a month and the sq ft.

  • I’m sorry but anyone even remotely familiar with that venue has to wonder about the building condition and the owner’s cooperation in addressing it. Why was there an out of order bathroom for months? Why are there now stories of major flooding in the basement? Sad to see the gallery go and not defending peeps that don’t pay their rent, but I’d love to see a full report evaluating structural integrity, the electrical system, the plumbing, etc … I hope the owner comes out publicly and confirms that this building is up to code. If it is, one must wonder, why did it even hit the market without the Sundevich/Seasonal Pantry guys taking it over? Those guys could create something insane with the extra space.

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