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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

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  • Rant: Still really struggling with how my ex did me so dirty! Sucks. But starting to find things I’m passionate about.

    Rave: Pablo.Raw photo I just spotted in The Occupied Washington Times Vol. 2 Iss.1.

    • Keep on keepin’ on, Idaho! Finding things your passionate about is the best remedy… esp because it reminds you there are way better things in life than sh!tty people who treat you like crap.

    • I bet my ex was a bigger asshole to me than yours. And six months later I’m still a mess. Find something awesome and bury yourself in it. Too much time to sit around and think is not your friend.

    • What happen and how long ago? I hope things work out for you 🙂

    • pablo .raw

      If we are talking about the same OWT issue, I can’t take credit for those photos unfortunately. They didn’t use the ones I gave them, and credited other people’s photos with my name. 🙁

      • Pablo,

        Sorry to hear that. I will inquire as to what the mix up was. This was the issue that was just released this past monday….

        As to what happened with the ex…the day we get back from christmas found out she was cheating on me with her mentor at her internship at DHS who was also dealing pain pills/prescription drugs to her and other employees….she never called or came home…a few weeks later after I helped her family pack her stuff she drilled out the locks and took our cat and a few things they forgot to take. (not to mention she has some mental issues she failed to disclose on her background check and her law school application But whatever…sh!tty people breed sh!t and i’m starting to be happy to be done…just little moments of relapse…

    • Idaho – time to move on brother. It seems like there is one thing that is in short supply in DC – single straight guys. Enjoy.

  • Rave: Jim Gaffigan. Hilarious. If you like standup comedy and/or laughing then I highly recommend catching one of his remaining shows at the Warner.
    Rave: It’s Friday. The weekend is shaping up to be a busy weekend filled with all things fun!! Life is good.
    Rant: Lack of motivation to work… bleghk.

  • Rave: Fiona Apple concert on March 21 @ Sixth and I Historic Synagogue

    Rant: Tickets are $53.70 – that price seems very high to me.

    Rave: Love Fiona

    Rant: Not sure if I can justify the ticket cost. Hmmmmm.

    • Rant: You can’t even get Fiona Apple tickets despite trying every avenue exactly when they went on sale. Yet tickets are already available at stubhub starting at $100 a ticket.

    • pablo .raw

      Rant: Driver stopped the train in front of me, opened the window and started yelling that it’s against the law to take photos in the metro station. I kept saying is not against the law, is not against the law…

      Metro policy about taking photos: 100.8(2) Still photography that does not require a tripod, special lighting, film crews, models, impair the normal ingress/egress or operation of Authority services and can be accomplished by a hand held camera by one person is not regulated.

  • You know….for what it’s worth, although I know it sucks to be the dumpee, it sucks to be the dumper sometimes too. I’m sorry to hear things ended poorly with your ex, but maybe it was for the better if you both weren’t completely content in the relationship (as vis a vis, when one person generally feels this way, it may implicitly/explicitly affect the other person’s happiness as well).

    I’d wager your ex is still hurting and hasn’t completely moved on from you, either….

    • Idaho shared his story on PoP when it happened awhile back and from the sounds of it the ex is DEFINITELY not hurting and could give two sh!ts about how it ended.

      I appreciate your sentiment but, going by the original story, I’m with Team Idaho Ave on this one though and I don’t him know the guy… 🙂

  • Rave: hearing birds singing this morning
    Rant: The people sitting in the handicap seats on the metro this morning while a new mother (and tiny baby in a car seat) had to stand for one stop and then have the baby carrier perched on her lap while others would knock into the carrier getting on and off.
    Rant: My anger at the guy sitting next to her who appeared able bodied and I thought should offer her the other seat as well. After kind of glaring at him, I remembered that I have no idea if he is actually able-bodied. So, sorry, guy on the train, if you read this. It wasn’t my place.

    • Also that lady chose to have that baby. People with disabilities did not choose to have them.

      • @cc, here’s to hoping that we never meet.

      • I’m not interested in going into a disabilities vs new mom debate (I would have also glared if there was someone with a disability or an elderly person standing while able bodied people sat). But common courtesy I think dictates that if someone clearly needs a seat (this woman did, although she didn’t ask for one), get up if you can. And, particularly if you are sitting in the handicapped/elderly seats, pay attention to who gets on so that you can offer up the seat.

        • Totally agree with this. If you’re in the handicapped seat, I think you have an obligation to look up when the door opens to see if someone needs the seat and not hide behind your Ipad and pretend you didn’t notice.

          • On a lighter note, there are those who are too generous, like all ya’ll that offer me a seat because I have gray in my hair. Thanks. You make me smile. And I started coloring my hair. ; )

          • Precisely the reason I avoid the handicap seats every time I board. I’m the type to be zoned out on my iphone and not looking up and/or I hate the social pressure to get up from my seat when a old person/pregnant woman/limping man etc get on. I just go sit somewhere else or stand.

          • Even better. I do that too!

      • Rant: people who appear to equate the choice to have children with the choice to wear a large hat, or the choice to drive an SUV instead of a bicycle.

    • I can’t speak for the metro, but on the bus, I am the type of person who will give up my seat for someone with disabilities, seniors, women with babies, and people carrying a ton of shit.

      yea those people who are carrying a ton of shit certainly don’t have to be, but if i am not carrying a ton of shit, i give up my seat, because i know what it’s like to be carrying a ton of shit and have to stand and try to balance myself with all that stuff.

      also women with babies – i have a feeling those woman are suffering a lot more than i am. not that i’ve ever had babies, but from what i know, i have a feeling that woman is a lot more tired than i am and could use that seat a lot more than i could.

      it’s not about their rights anymore, it’s more about putting myself in someone’s shoes.

      • thank you! as someone who has balance/motion sickness problems and who doesn’t have a car (i.e. I often ride the bus and metro with bags of groceries and other shit) — I love people like you.

  • rant: got weird vibes from some old “friends” yesterday evening. huh.

    rave: looking forward to the weekend.

    • Don’t waste your time on “old friends” if they are giving you bad vibes. If people really care about your friendship they wouldn’t judge or treat you strangely.

  • rave: FRIDAY

    rant: oh so tired.

    rant: my dog goes through accident having phases.. where she will have accidents in the middle of the night. the last 2 nights she has had accidents despite taking her out before bed, and cutting off her water at what i thought was a reasonable time…. we were doing so well for so long.

    • Bah, I know what you’re dealing with. My dog has never had issues before but after having some painful passes (sorry, tmi) he is terrified to go in our backyard! His issues are all cleared up but he now associates the backyard with the pain and refuses to go out! He also refused to go while on a leash, which leaves his only option for relief in the house…

  • rant: found out i didn’t get a job that i really wanted after a 3 month process, that i was sure i was going to get.

    rave: the only rave i have is that it’s friday.

  • Rave: This morning on the Metro I was standing near a guy with a black duffel bag on his shoulder… and then I realized that the duffel bag was partly mesh, and inside was an extremely cute Chihuahua mix (at least I think it was a mix).

    So for a minute or two until I arrived at my stop, the cute dog and I were looking very intently at each other. Made my morning!

  • Rant: I’m feel dizzy when I get up and walk today

    Rant: My imagination runing wild thinking it is something horrible.

    Rave: I’m rocking the sweater vest today

    • That sometimes happens to me; the doctor thinks it has something to do with dehydration, so drink up (water)!

    • most cases of dizziness resolve themselves on their own — if the dizziness lasts for an extended period of time/worsens/etc then unfortunately I know all about that and can point you towards a couple of resources (but reading them when you’re not that bad off is pointless b/c it will only make you worry unnecessarily!)

    • perhaps it’s allergies. The pollen is really starting to kick in.

  • Rave: Boyfriend has a promising lead for a new job. At this point, he’ll take anything with a commute less than 3 hours per day round-trip. Keep your fingers crossed!

    Rant: Need to stay in tonight and work on a problem set due Monday. i’m getting really burned out on grad school–can’t wait to finish..

    Rave: TGIF!

  • Rant: D-bag line jumpers and jostlers at 9:30 Club. Whatever happened to the phrase excuse me or I beg your pardon? Shesh.

  • Rave: It’s Friday, and I’m going to visit my parents for an overnight visit tonight. 🙂

    Rant: I’ve been a singleton for long time, and dating doesn’t really interest me right now. It seems that no men in DC want a woman who wants a kid without giving birth to a kid. I kind of want to adopt on my own, but I’m only 30. Not sure where to go from here. And my ex is now engaged and having a kid, which is the icing on the weird cake.

    • I’ve had that conversation with guys and it sounds like it’s some crazy animal instinct about needing to pass on their genes. Maybe you could compromise – have one and adopt one or a few. I know a few people who did that.

      • Probably an animal instinct but not at all crazy. I think it’s totally sane that a man who wants a child would choose to make his own first before adopting one made by someone else. I’m inclined to believe that most women would choose the same, actually.

        • Oy, this reply makes me sad and kind of sick to my stomach.

        • saf

          GDopp – (may I call you Gdopp?)

          It’s the assumption that all/most people would prefer to grow their own rather than adopt. I find that sad. And upsetting.

          • Sure, you can call me that (way better than the alternatives?!) and thanks for the response. As for my assumption, I still don’t see what is sad or upsetting about it – maybe it doesn’t matter. Do you think it’s an incorrect assumption?

          • saf

            No, the problem is, I know that you are probably right. And I find that sad.

            See, I have an adopted sibling, and friends who are adopted children, and yes, it only matters in matters of medical history to us, but far too often, people make all kinds of negative assumptions about the adopted children, about the birth parents, and about the adoptive families.

            Too many people think that their gametes are superior and look down on families formed in other ways. I think that gametes matter a bit, but family, however it is formed (bio, adoptive, chosen) matters more. And this leaves too many children in need of homes out there in the cold, and makes too make infertile potential parents move heaven and earth to get pregnant rather than look to other alternatives.

          • Ah, OK, thanks, now I see where you’re coming from – I didn’t mean to get personal so thanks for your frank perspective.

      • It might also have something to do with knowing and controlling the circumstances around the pregnancy that will produce your child, not to mention avoiding the hurdle-jumping and costs associated with adopting a child. Adopting a child is one of the most wonderful things a person can do, but one cannot judge a man or woman for preferring to have their own child.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I’ve come to the conclusion that because of my advanced age and no desire to give birth, I need a guy who already has kids. Plus, I would make an awesome step mom.

      Maybe step mom is a route you could take too.

    • I am adopted and don’t have a health history available, plus I have never once had a maternal/birth instinct kind of feeling, so I believe the universe is telling me that a pregnancy would not be successful. And being adopted, I want to keep the family adoption legacy going. So I’m not sure a compromise would work, unfortunately. :/

      I’ve thought the same thing about being a step-mom. Haven’t met a good guy with a kid yet! That’s what I’ll keep hoping for, I guess…

      Thanks for the advice, gals. 🙂

      • Don’t give up hope. My Husband and I aren’t having kids, that was a subject I always brought up early in the dating period, I have never wanted them. He had initially (read, beginning of dating) thought he’d want one, but realized then, and it has become very clear now, that he’s happy without them. There are guys out there that don’t want or need kids, though admittedly there are fewer than those who do want kids. Just keep looking (if that’s what you’re doing).

        • This is something I hope I can find, either with my current boyfriend, or whomever I end up spending my life with. I very much respect good mothers, and I had an amazing one- which is part of the reason I don’t think I could be one myself. I am really dedicated to my career (or at least, the career I hope I’ll have) and to enjoying my life, myself, and my relationship. I can’t see myself giving up everything I want to be a mom, and I wouldn’t want to half-ass it. My ideas of what a good parent are, and my direction of how I foresee my life to go just don’t mesh.

      • I’ll lend you my two kids anytime you want em. They are fun, but indeed, if you think you might not want to be a parent, make the right decision. There is some sort of no return policy on them, and perhaps more importantly, there is no question they cut into your sex life.

      • I seem to only know guys who don’t want kids, so I know for sure they are out there. Although my SO is one of them, and he’s taken!

      • Really interesting discussion here. My brothers and my kids are adopted, and I jokingly say that adoption runs in our family, which it really does. I love meeting other adoptees.

    • As is the case with all complaints about dating, it’s not really that “no” men/women have a particular quality you are looking for. It’s that the limited number of men/women that you have come into contact with in the course of trying to find a relationship don’t have the quality. Maybe you are looking at the wrong pool of men. Or maybe not. I don’t know.

  • rant: it’s going to be hard to concentrate at work today
    rave: the reason why it’s going to be hard to concentrate today
    rant2: someone stole my coffee mug! time for a passive-aggressive note!

  • Rant: 19 year old murdered up the street from me for a F’n chain in robbery gone wrong. Didn’t seem to warrant a post on DCist or PoP. Horrible. http://homicidewatch.org/2012/02/23/man-shot-thursday-evening-in-ne-dc/

    • Prince Of Petworth

      The press release was just sent today at 11:17am:

      “Detectives from the Metropolitan Police Department’s Homicide Branch are investigating the fatal shooting which occurred in the area of 10th and Gallatin Streets, NE.

      On Thursday, February 23, 2012, at approximately 6:25 pm, units from the Fourth District responded to the area of 10th and Gallatin Streets, NE, for the report of a man down. Upon their arrival, they located the victim, suffering from an apparent gunshot wound. Personnel from the DC Fire and Emergency Medical Services responded to the scene and transported the victim to an area hospital where he was pronounced dead.

      The decedent has been identified as 19 year-old Francisco Orlando Rivas of Hyattsville, MD.

      The Metropolitan Police Department currently offers a reward of up to $25,000 to anyone that provides information which leads to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons wanted for any homicide committed in the District of Columbia.”

    • Thuglettes and their love of guns in DC. Just sucks big time. F’in lame what the elected leadership of DC tolerates.

    • Check the paper. There is a trial that has just started, or will be starting soon, involving a string of murders that included a driveby in which two people were killed which were set off by a guy’s belief that someone had stolen his fake gold chain. In fact, one of his friends had the chain all the time. It is truly sad and unfortunate that there are people out there who have no regard for their own life, let alone anyone else’s.

  • Rave/Rant: Fabulous Thursday night with friends; slight hangover this morning!

    Rave.2: Another fabulous night tonight with friends, including my bestie! Hopefully, my body will adjust before heading out.

    Revel: Life! Appreciate it and enjoy to the fullest. Surround yourself with people/activities/things that make you happy and complete. Enjoy the little things and let your light shine.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: My kitty gets in my face and yells at me when I sleep.

    Rave: My kitty never pukes, never has gross GI problems, and never misses the litter box.

    • Nor does my fish! (He just flares at me when I come close. I consider it affectionate flaring.)

      • Beta fish is the best pet ever. Clean, quiet, social. I also consider the flaring to be affectionate. Though sometimes, the look on his little fishy face seems to say “Hey! You lookin’ at me? Are YOU lookin’ at ME??”

  • Rant: Have to get work done on the main water line in the crawl space in my house for a leak. Pipe is about 4ft deep, I dont believe I will have replace the whole line, just a section. But most plumbers want to just replace the whole line. Anybody have plumber recommendations or have had this type of work done before.

  • Rant: big-time facial pain that may result in a costly root canal.

    Revels: an awesome dentist, enough money to pay for treatment (albeit with some curtailing of other spending), understanding co-workers/bosses, and a very kind fiancee.

  • Rant: Anyone else read the WaPo article about how DC is cooking the books on its closed murder cases. They claim 94% closure rate but the real number is like 57%.

    Rant: I am sure the 57% will get light sentences. Superior Court judges need to get tough on violent crime in this city.

    Rave: It is Friday and hopefully I will do my regular Pete’s routine with my boy for dinner. Maybe Dick Cheney will be there this time.

  • Rant: Marion Berry on Kojo: any question he didn’t love, “I’m not gonna talk about that”, “I’m not going to get distracted by those issues”, “I’m not going to discuss that”, so he could get back to his on-air campaigning. Stonewalling at its worst. Kind of impressive though, his consistent non-answering.

    • I am really starting to despise Barry. At first I kind of felt sorry for what he had become in his latest incarnation but after he called David Catania a racist I just kind of had enough. I mean come on. The two clearly don’t see eye to eye and perhaps Catania was out of line cursing at Barry but then Barry says Catania has a problem with black people. To me, racial identity politics of this type are just vile.

      • Catania is a pig and a bully. He treats nearly everyone with contempt and derision, and many of them are black, and disrespect plays differently in the black community frankly. He’s an embarrassment for his lack of class, and he’s spent 10 years pouring tax dollars down the drain for that hospital in Ward 7. Every year he’s got another $25 million quick fix that doesn’t work.

        I’m not defending Marion Barry, but don’t excuse Catania’s lack of self control, and don’t trust his judgement.

  • Rave: Fun happy hour with a friend last night

    Rave: Really looking forward to this weekend’s plans

    Rant: Homework for tomorrow that still isn’t done

  • me

    Rant: So, I was watching Top Chef last night on DVR, and I realized that there are people who are my age (and younger) on these shows and they are experts at this sort of thing. And here I am, on the couch, thinking to myself that there isn’t one single thing that I can honestly say that I am somewhat of an expert in, or even something that I do REALLY well. And that sucks.

    Rave: I’ve had a long week with work, and so tonight, I am opening up a bottle of wine and renting Puss In Boots on demand. Don’t laugh. I need a break from reality! 🙂

    • Allison

      Oh man that’s how I felt everytime I used to play “The Sims.” Watchin’ those little electronic people become super awesome at something while I am curled up in front of my PC . . . watching a little electronic person be awesome.

    • Awww, don’t be too hard on yourself, Me!

    • I feel the exact same way when watching Top Chef. It’s depressing. I’ll be 30 in 4 months and my job? Admin Assistant. Ugh.

      • i’m 30 and an admin as well. but it’s okay, because i do things outside of work that i am good at. they just won’t pay me unfortunately. i’m thinking of actually leaving dc for this reason.. but that’s another topic. the point is, it’s okay to be an admin at 30. i know that soul sucking feeling though for sure.

  • Allison

    Rant: Just noticed the number of crumbs in my keyboard at work, not all of which could possibly be from me. Got so much in there I could start a bakery up in here. Pretty sure the name “Crumbs” is taken by more legitimate fare.

  • Revel: The alignment of the moon and planets last night!

  • Rave: Just had a gospel choir perform at work! I love the rockin’ worship band at my church but there’s just something AWESOME about a good ol’ gospel choir that gets you clapping.

    Rant: Was supposed to go swing dancing on Saturday night but plans fell through! 🙁

    Rave: Chance of thunderstorms!

    Rant: Friday afternoon tiredness hitting me…………….dying for a Coke to cure it but just gave up soda for Lent. I can’t quit after only 3 days!

    Yes, gave up soda INSTEAD OF boyfriend.

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