PoP Preview: District Kitchen in Woodley Park

Another incredible transformation. Hard to imagine this used to be Jandara located at 2606 Connecticut Ave. NW in Woodley Park. I stopped in on Monday and (I’ve been following the construction every few weeks) I know I say this a lot but seriously – the place looks amazing. They soft opened earlier this week. Anyone stop by? To start dining hours (the bar can stay open later) are 5-10pm during the week and 5-11pm on weekends.

What do you think of the build out? The menu?

Lots more photos including a look at the opening week menu after the jump.

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  • Inside looks great, but the menu…not enough to drive me to make it a destination, unfortunately (based on what’s up there). I’m super tired of the 1 vegetarian option and it always involving mushrooms.

    Birch and Barley has an amazing beet risotto, for example, which is something I’d make an effort to have.

    Looking forward to reports, though.

    • As a vegetarian I would probably have agreed with you, but I happened to eat there the other night (soft opening) and can tell you the veggie entree was delicious and they plan to rotate their menu. The soup of the day and ricotta were also really good.

  • This is on my way home each day, so I was pretty pumped to see something new in the Indian place. But looking at the menu, it seems pretty limited. And at that price point, it’s not something I’d go to frequently. I guess I would have the steak? How much is it? Oh, market price? Errrrr……Not so excited anymore. But they did a bang-up job on the reno!

  • anyone know the architect here? Great space!

    • Architect? It is a bare, brick-wall space with no art, standard, uninspired lighting, and uncomfortable-looking chairs. What architect would ever have anything to do with that? Jandara was at least sparkly and purple – and had comfortable booths. And sparkly purpleness. . .

  • No offense but the “industrial/unfinished” look is getting a little overused in this town. I could rattle off a whole host of other places that use this motif, albeit successfully. Inevitably it will come down to the food – hopefully the menu doesn’t disappoint.

    • As is the gastropub concept… DC seems to be suffering an infestation.

      • “gastropub” isn’t a concept, just a tired term for a bar that tries to serve decent food (beyond burgers and wings). It was a fashionable marketing term a few years ago, but I don’t see why this place needs to be painted with that brush.

        The rustic/workshoppish/wood/metal look is getting a little overdone though.

    • what styles would you like to see?

      • Versailles/bordello. Overstuffed 40’s tenement. Caveman chic. Good Mid-century modern. Space age (though not Scandinavian airport). Free Craigslist. Bean-bags and wire spools. Chairs made of antlers – or antlers made of glass. Chairs made of piled-up sticks attached to a timer that will blow them up (not fatally, just to collapse) at random times. Just ANYTHING but more of this!

    • saf

      Also, all those hard surfaces make place far too noisy.

  • place looks great. i really dig the lighting and the stools.

  • Interior looks nice, but it’s going to be loud as s#!t with all of those hard surfaces.

  • Went there last night. Food was fantastic and I thought pretty reasonably priced. The fuscilli/Skyline chili-style combo was great. They have a couple of wines in kegs(!) which were a bargain. Really great addition to the neighborhood. I can only hope that more of Woodley Park starts to look like this.

  • I went over the weekend and the food was great. Had one of the small plates that the waitress recommended and I would definitely go back just for that dish. My friends were very pleased with their dishes as well.

  • Wow! I didn’t even know that Jandara had closed. For years I ordered delivery from there until it started going downhill a while back. This place looks promising, though. Hopefully it doesn’t suck, like most of the other restaurants on that block.

  • I’d settle if DC could squeeze out a simple, laid-back, neighborhood pub with standard but decent bar food and some cheap beer. Yes, we have some of those, e.g. the Derby, but it seems that everything new that opens recently is just a yuppie bar clone.

  • Carrot “jus” – seriously? OK – I’m in a cranky post 3-day funeral mood – but SERIOUSLY? Never go to a restaurant that offers “carrot jus” on the menu.

    • Why’s that? No other offerings on the menu if carrot jus doesn’t suit?

      The place looks nice. Look forward to trying it soon.

  • looks like they’re actually trying, but I’m still sticking to my hypothesis that the marriott dooms all woodley restaurants to mediocrity since they can survive without repeat customers.

  • Menu looks good, and is priced similar to Ripple/Birch and Barley. Those chairs are hideous though, and hopefully as they grow they can get some art up on the walls

  • First pic makes it look like a pizza place. The cocktails look great.

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