The Hamilton Coming to 14th and F St, NW is Gonna be Sick!

Whoa, have you walked by the old Borders bookstore at 14th and F St, NW lately? The huge windows are not covered and reveal the much anticipated Hamilton (to be open 24/7 with an 800 person capacity) from the Clyde’s group:

Founding father, mover, shaker, lover & dueling politico, Alexander Hamilton’s vision for America helped it to become the world’s venue for opportunity and success.

Washington DC’s newest destination for music and entertainment is dedicated to celebrating the talent and passion of America’s best artists. DC is a city where polish and sophistication have been charmed by a bohemian spirit creating a new thriving artistic underground.

The Hamilton will offer local, national and international musicians the unique opportunity to entertain a city that is never short on opinions, all within earshot of The White House.

Check out the renderings of the music space here.

And here’s a glimpse from street level:

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  • Probably not my sphere of people but that d&b system is going to sound incredible and more venues are desperately needed in this city. Best of luck!

    • What’s a “d&b system”?

      • If you go to the link PoP posted with the renderings of the live music venue, there’s a link for “Sound & Lighting” at the bottom that provides the specs of the sound system they’re installing. The speakers are made by d&b audiotechnik, a German company that makes some amazing systems. In a nutshell, it’s a very high-end, state-of-the-art system…the kind of set-up that should appeal to artists as much as the audience.

      • the 9:30 club uses a d&b sound system. This will be a much smaller system, but top quality.

      • I was amusing myself by deliberately misreading it as “a drum and bass system.”

        More on the electronic dance music genre of drum and bass, also known as d’n’b or d&b:

  • SusanRH

    Loving a metro accessible Birchmere type venue! Can’t wait

  • 4/5 of 1000 people?! Oh no!

  • I want to hear more about the dueling part.

  • I’m having a bit of a hard time grasping the concept, but it seems promising.

    It will really be 24/7? What will be going on say 3:00 AM on a Monday morning?

  • Looks like a Clyde’s, but with muuuusic

  • I know one of the guys involved in opening this place, and he really knows his music (and is also an all around great guy). I’m sure it will be worth checking out.

  • that’s some darn fancy woodwork

  • Very cool. Not completely my scene, but I am impressed by the scale of it. More venues in this city, the better I say. I’m def. intrigued by it being 24/7. Looking forward to checking it out.

    This is much more exciting than a CVS or Cheesecake factory taking the space over 🙂

    • I agree — even if this place looks like Old Ebbitt II, who cares? You have to respect the ambition and boldness behind it. They spent an unbelievable amount of money on a concept that is entirely new to this city. I don’t think the music venue will be competing with the likes of the Black Cat. More like Birchmere, DAR, Strathmore (to the extent they get non-classical acts), and the Barns at Wolf Trap.

      • Ahh, good point. Yeah… I was thinking, “This is roughly the _size_ of the Black Cat, but somehow I don’t see this being an indie-type venue.”

      • Give the location, ownership and style, this will cater to tourists. I’d expect dueling pianos, cover bands playing bob seger and mustang sally, impersonators perhaps, etc.

  • Hmm, interesting.

    I guess this venue will be competing with the Black Cat (capacity approximately 700, according to Wikipedia)?

    • Somehow I doubt that the style of music or potential customer base will present any competition to the Black Cat.

      And I don’t think this stays 24/7 long, it’s a ghost town around that intersection after 10pm.

  • I don’t set foot in restaurants owned Clyde’s. They fought the DC smoking ban tooth and nail, and a few years ago they tried to pave the Potomac near Jack’s Boat House for one of their restaurants. I’m sure lots of people are ok with these positions, but I’m not.

  • This place looks really large

  • I wonder if the basement of this Borders where they kept the CDs and DVDs is goign to be the kitchen?

  • Anyone know if they’ll have stand-up comics or open mic night?

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