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  • I went to the preview event over the weekend. The food was very good and the employees were all incredibly friendly and helpful. Looking forward to going back.

  • Worst Pad Thai I’ve ever had… It was so bad I swore I’d never go to the place again. I like the idea, but something serious need to be done to improve their menu, and not having udon and soba noodles is a slap in the face…

    • I haven’t been to this Noodles location, but I’ve tried all their Asian noddles and they’re pretty bad, with the predominant flavor being salt.

  • they are real jerks and the food is not particularly good; try open kitchen or Chipotle instead

  • I’ve tried another area location of theirs three times, and let’s just say three strikes and you’re out. Painfully slow, apathetic service combined with bland, overpriced noodle dishes does not equal a recipe for success.

    Although at this tourist-oriented location, they’re probably well aware that they don’t have to be good or fast to rake in the dough.

    • the dynamics of that marriott will forever doom woodley park to mediocre restaurants. no need for repeat customers when you have an endless supply of hungry tourists.

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