Good Deal or Not? “breakfast room with wet bar” edition

This home is located at 248 9th St, SE:

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The flier says:

“Comfortable Capitol Hill home, located only blocks from Eastern Market, Barracks Row, and Metro, with private off-street enclosed parking. Wood floors throughout, 2 master beds up, with 2nd level deck access and breakfast room with wet bar, 3rd bed on Main level with full bath and patio access. Kitchen w/ pantry, granite & stainless. Charming patio with iron gate & garden”

You can find more info here and a virtual tour here.

$674,900 sound right for this 3 bed/2 bath?

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  • I will venture a yes, mostly due to the superb location. Definitely needs a new kitchen.

  • great location! But wow, that price is depressing when you consider that this t house has all the aluminum siding charm of a townhouse in a run down suburb.

  • Psmitty311

    Nothing about this house is appealing to me. The parts they did update still don’t look great. The kitchen is cramped and dark, all of the rooms look depressing, the back lot and deck need to be redone/refinished, and the layout seems awkward. I love the location, but is this really the best you can get for that much money?

  • SouthwestDC

    Not a great deal but the price is not out of line for the location. The garage is a nice perk, but you really don’t need it here.

    • I beg to differ about the “garage” – Saturdays and Sundays you would be trapped at home (if you had a car and wanted to use it) because you wouldn’t be able to park on the street with a several block radius.

      Saying that I don’t think they will get that price considering the modest size.

      • SouthwestDC

        I’ve lived at 8th and C for almost a year now. There has only been one occasion where I had to park two blocks away. On Saturdays and Sundays I might have to park as far as one block away (the horror) but the rest of the time I can get a spot right in front of my house. I could park in my backyard, but I haven’t seen the need. This could change in a few years when the Hine development is complete, but that’s supposed to have dedicated parking.

      • SouthwestDC

        Also, you’d hardly be “trapped at home” since the area is extremely walkable, and the metro and several useful bus lines are a block away… but I guess it could be an inconvenience if you frequently had to go out to the suburbs on weekends and were returning home before 4pm.

  • Couldn’t tell how big the third bedroom is, but if it’s on a par with the second BR, I’d say that’s a good price. Sure, it’s not a modern bells and whistles updated place, but it can be made charming with the furnishings and nothing jumps out as unbearably hideous, at least to my tastes. The location is amazing and more than makes up for it. You couldn’t find another livable 3 BR in this location at that price. If the third BR is tiny, then no probably not.

  • Are there no windows in this place?

  • No basement or attic either. Thus, no storage. And is it really a garage or just a roll-up gate into the yard? Seems small—very narrow actually, but probably not a bad deal for the location.

  • In the photo showing the back of the house, it looks like the roof of the small addition and/or the gutter isn’t level. This would make me wonder what other structural problems the house might have.

  • That kitchen is pretty user unfriendly. And it would take a bit of money to reorganize it in to a functional space. The price is fine given the area, but I wouldn’t enjoy cooking in that space.

  • Is the cafe/coffee bar the third bedroom since it’s upstairs? Also, is the kitchen in between the front room and the back room with the tv meaning the kitchen has no windows?

  • having walked through this house on sunday, i can say this is a renovation gone very, very wrong. steps up and down as you walk through, awkward spaces and sloppy construction. the breakfast room with a wet bar is a rebrand of the room you have to walk through to get to the back bedroom with a cheap looking built-in desk and a cheaper looking counter shoved in the corner with a sink. and calling the back room on the first floor a bedroom is just laughable. why yes, we did use the dining room and parlor as a bedrooms in my “8 bedroom” college tear-down.

    definitely NOT worth the money.

    • and looking at the virtual tour closer, i think its worth noting that the kitchen is split level. i.e. that counter that runs down the middle is up on a ledge versus where the fridge and the range are. hope you don’t like to cook!

    • This house was so weird — two level kitchen, weird kitchen upstairs, random room with no windows. Needs to be gutted.

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