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  • Not that I’m a fan of CVS, but there is one just three short blocks away up at 14th and Irving. I can’t imagine that the area needs another pharmacy so close.

  • And a pharmacy at Target and Giant

  • We’ve given up on the Medics USA urgent care place across the street ever actually coming to fruition. No work has been done on it in the year we’ve lived here. Not sure what the hold up is.

  • Also a small pharmacy-ish looking place in the base of the samuel kelsey apartments

  • I think this might be a good idea. A lot of people would prefer to go to a more specialized pharmacy for better care. God knows you won’t get that help at CVS. Plus, these types of pharmacies may also do special compounding for people (like progesterone mixes etc).

    • Yeah CVS is okay (the lady with the curly gray hair who gives me my flu shot is always nice,) but the line for pick up is always *so long!* Sure, there might be a million pharmacies around here, but it doesn’t seem to have made a dent in spreading out demand.

  • Mayor Gray’s wink to dispensary for methadone, etc etc to the crazier residents of CH, perhaps? Wish they’d put one on River Rd NW

  • Curious…..a Dunkin’ Donuts comes in…and then we need a doctor’s office and an urgent care facility across the street – do they specialize in heart care?!?

  • I guess Walgreens won’t be competing against DC’s CVS monopoly, these smaller pharmacies seem to be taking up the challenge. Good for them for winning the war with Walgreens and CVS!

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