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  • Nice to see more places coming into upper Georgia. Would love to see more!

  • Love mother virginia. Next time you need flowers, stop by. Staff is awesome and gave me some useful pointers for cutting flowers and keeping them fresh longer.

  • “Sweet” security gate no more…they painted it over a week or two ago. Now it’s just brown.

  • Excited to have an option that isn’t Safeway for flowers close to home. Just a quick question, as I have no experience with these kinds of places. Do they have (relatively) cheap bouquets? If I am just looking to pick up a random cheap assortment on a Tuesday for the wife, and don’t want to spend $19.99, would I be able to make that work at a place like this?

  • Still a bit of construction work going on, bought two little bouquets today. Staff was really nice, made the bouquets and I am thrilled that they are right across the street. I am a bit ashamed to say that I never shopped when they were a mere eight blocks away. But will rectify that.

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