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Update on Old Mt. Pleasant Mansion

by Prince Of Petworth November 1, 2011 at 4:00 pm 11 Comments

Oct. ’11

Wild to see the progress at the corner of 18th and Monroe St, NW. The developer’s Web site says it will become The Schafer and will offer one and two bedrooms from high $200s to low $600s. We’ll make one a Good Deal or Not? when they hit the market.

Oct. ’11

Here’s what it looked like in Feb. ’08:

Feb. ’08 when I first featured it as a House of the Day:

  • Soozles

    I’m so jealous. I’ve always wanted to buy this house and fix it up, but it was waaaaayyyy out of my league. Still, it’s gonna be gorgeous, and it’s in a great location except for the 18th and Monroe drug dealers who have also been there for years.

    • Mary Kate

      I’ve lived on 18th and Monroe for a year now. I’ve never seen these drug dealers that are referenced so often in the PoP comments section.

      • MtP Gal

        I’ve lived on 18th and Monroe for a year now too, and I haven’t seen the drug dealers either. I am, however, excited for when they do the landscaping on this project. That sidewalk is so overgrown it’s a bit hard to use.

        • Mary Kate

          Yep, that will improve the street. I’ve heard they also will have to tear down that ugly chain-link fence. I think it’s against code to have it (though I don’t know that for sure).

  • Apparently it sold for 1.35m in February. I walked by it a week or so ago, and man, what a massive project.

  • Anonymous

    I think that’s my favorite house in all of DC.

  • H Street Landlord

    Am I the only one who thinks it looks better before the new paint…

    • Anonymous

      Maybe if you’re into that “haunted house” look.

    • JohnnyReb

      I agree – the new green shutters lack the gravitas the house needs. Paint them glossy black!

  • stella
  • Veronika

    i hate that it will be broken up into apartments. it’s a house. when the pendulum swings the other way and the huge influx of people move out of the city, we’re stuck with all these condos. in family homes. it’s so weird.


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