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  • Great colors–this must be an orange juice/smoothie store! Kind of like Orange Julius, which is one of my favorite places.

  • “A burger grilling company” ?

  • I don’t get why this placed changed their name after the whole burger smell debacle. Black and Orange does not scream “burgers” to me. Not to mention their sign is beyond obnoxiously ugly.

  • I dont understand these newfangled business names. Simpler is always better. And, include what the business does in the name. If you want to be cute, name it after a person. Like Bob’s Burger Grill, or something. not whatever this abortion of a name. Don’t get me started on “Whisked!” Tragic as well.

    Steps off soap box.

    • But all the good simple names have been taken. You have to try to be clever these days, and more often than not, you fail.

  • I love Whisked! Really get off your soap box before you get a pie in the kisser : )

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