Pret a Manger Coming to Union Station

Back in July ’11 I passed on some scuttlebutt that a “french sandwich shop” was coming to the old Union Wine & Liquor space in Union Station. In August ’11 we learned that a Tops Frozen Yogurt would be filling that space. But it turns out a French Sandwich shop is coming to Union Station. The old post office that was located next to Union Wine & Liquor (post office is now downstairs) is going to become a Pret a Manger. I spoke with a worker who said the Pret was still a good month out before opening.

Incidentally, Union Wine & Liquor has reopened in the basement of Union Station:

Though it was closed on Sunday – looking in the window – seems like a bit of an upgrade:

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  • Oh, frabjous day! Calloo! callay!!!

    I’ve loved Pret since I first encountered it in London’s Stansted airport. Some days, the only thing that works is a nice, cold can of Yoga Bunny Detox. There’s one on 12th St NW downtown, too.

  • and thank goodness they’ve restored my favorite lottery ticket outlet!! i couldn’t imagine why they kicked that out for another place, but i forgive them now.

  • I’ve never had their food, but I’ve always appreciated that they can be counted on for a clean bathroom in midtown manhatten for that post-bus/pre-gtfo-of-midtown break.

  • Three bakery cafes in a row – ugh. At least Pret is decent, unlike Au Bon Pain.

  • I love Pret in the UK… but was disappointed to see that it’s more expensive in the U.S. than in the UK. (Usually it’s the other way around.) And that’s comparing the pre-tax price here to the including-VAT price there.

  • Here’s hoping they’ll stay open until after 3:00 PM, unlike their other two locations…

  • Union Station is world class and keeps getting better.

  • The only thing French about the place is the play-on-words name.
    “Pret a porter” is “ready to wear.”
    “Pret a manger” is “ready to eat”!
    I used to go to them in London and then here in the Farragut West location when I worked near there. The sandwiches are all supposed to be assembled on site from fresh ingredients, and they were consistently fresh and great. Yet, they are pricier here.
    I have a friend who had no idea it was a French expression and always just called it the “manger,” as in the kind for the baby Jesus in a nativity scene!

  • Indeed, Pret is a British company. Loved them when living in London, and I’m very excited to have one in Union Station!

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