Guitar Shop Clear Out at 1216 Connecticut Ave, NW – Guitar Bar Coming

Back in April ’11 we first learned of the plans for the 2nd floor space at 1216 Connecticut Ave, NW (above Shake Shack) in Dupont. This past weekened the Guitar Shop cleaned all of its inventory. The owner says that the shop will stay alive on the Web here.

According to a liquor license application the Guitar Bar will be:

“Upscale tavern serving European sausages, hotdogs, pretzels and popcorns featuring DJ and background music. No designated dance floor – no dancing. Summer Garden with 210 seats. Seating capacity is 60. Total occupancy load is 330.”

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  • lol. why does everything in this town have to become a bar?

  • I’m trying to figure out upscale hotdogs. Or upscale sausages.

    Is “upscale” the buzzword needed to sell a place? How about just like “homey,” “reminds you of your best friend’s basement growing up,” or “comfortable seating with the best jukebox in town.” I’d go to a place like that.

  • That’s just how I envisioned the Guitar Bar – featuring a DJ

  • Upscale = no “Stairway”

  • Dang, wish I’d known about this sale before it happened!


    (That’s all I have.)

  • I’d always heard that this Guitar Shop had a colorful history, was really expensive, and had a douchebag owner.

    • 5:03, this is pretty spot on, they were never in stock of anything you needed (strings, etc), what they did have was absurdly expensive and their selection of guitars was awful.

      i once went in to get my 70’s sg fixed and they didnt know how to intonate it because it had had a neck break (bozos). the guy offered to buy it from me and then sell me one of their shitty Chinese-made guitars if i paid him another $150 or so. i told him to go fornicate himself. haven’t been back since. we need a real guitar store in dc proper, but to these assholes i say good riddance!

  • This sounds pretty weak all around. It is amazing, however, that this city has a practically endless ability to support new bars.

  • 210 seat summer garden?!

    • I KNOW! Is the summer garden on the roof? I can’t imagine anywhere else on the property that would have room for 210 people.

  • Must be run by Southern Baptists – NO DANCING!

  • It was a bad guitar shop anyway.

  • Blithe

    This is one of my favorite places ever — and I’m sad to see it go. True, their prices were higher than what I could find on the internet — but I figure the higher prices included being able to pull a bit of someone else’s expertise into the purchase. As someone who didn’t always know what I wanted to buy, I’ve always found the guys in the shop to be patient, kind, helpful, and concerned that I end up totally happy with my purchase. In the many times that I’ve been in the shop, I’ve never felt coerced into making a purchase. In fact, I’ve often been told some version of “Don’t pay US for that! Let me show you how to…..” and been treated to an invaluable lesson on the care and maintenance of guitars, along with free-wheeling and highly opinionated conversations on almost any topic imaginable.

    I will totally miss this place

  • Steve is an original. I wish him well in life’s travels.

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