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Brixton Taking Shape at 9th and U St, NW

by Prince Of Petworth October 26, 2011 at 4:00 pm 12 Comments

Check out the Brixton starting to take shape at 9th and U St, NW. The Brixton is of course one the projects from the Hilton brothers (Marvin, Gibson, Blackbyrd etc.) On that note I visited Chez Billy’s coming to Petworth and all I’m gonna say is that even in it’s skeletal shape – well it blew me away. Stay tuned on both fronts… Actually one more front, I passed The Independent also from the Hilton brothers coming to 715 Florida Ave, NW and major construction has been accomplished there as well.

  • Disco Britches

    Right on, man, right on! I can’t wait for the Brixton to open. It’s gonna have the finest roof deck bar in all of DC. I hope someone with taste puts together the beer list, though. That’s the most important thing.

    • Anonymous

      i can’t wait for 8 months -one year after this place opens so i can go in there and maybe get a barstool! yeh! can’t wait!

      • freitag

        Well, at least maybe it will free up a seat at Marvin.

  • jm

    the build-out has really been taking off! I couldn’t be more pleased that they’ve completely torn that eyesore apart. the roof is looking especially great.

  • amateuropinion

    It sure is taking forever. I’m a little tired of the overpriced hilton establishments, but welcome the end of this eyesore of a corner.

  • caballero

    Are the Hilton Brothers gonna stumble at some point? Or are they gonna own this town someday?

  • Anonymous

    maybe they can try a different model for a change

  • U Street Buzz

    Gonna be crowded…Hilton Bros…too pricey…need a new model…bitch and moan…bitch and moan.

    Maybe it’ll be a little better than a boarded up liquor store that is close to crumbling. Just maybe.

    • Oh, and it seems to me that their places are all rather distinct – 18th St Lounge, Marvin, The Gibson, Patty Boom Boom, Dickson Wine Bar, U Street Music Hall, and American Ice Company.

      I’m not sure what problem “Anonymous” has with their so-called “model”.

    • Anonymous

      i’m not complaining when i say it’s gonna be crowded. i’m admiring what they’ve built.

      but i’ll still wait to go.

  • andy

    I am imagining an early opening event: arm-wrestling championship.

    I’d call it, “Guns of Brixton.”

    • TonyR

      Slogan could be ….. “You can crush us, you can bruise us”


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