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  • the owners are very nice and it’s a decent spot. i’ve stopped by here to get a coffee or a drink from time to time. the food doesn’t appeal to me though.

  • The drink specials are pretty ridic. I love this place for a beer after work. It’s very low key but the owner is really nice. I believe they have $2 beers during happy hour. Not bad for U Street.

  • That menu looks brutal.

  • Didn’t they open long before Aug 10? They were the main venue for the Sweet Tea Pumpkin Pie music fest in June, and have been hosting music events most night of the week since (and maybe before). In any case, they’re very open to booking local bands and building a business that way.

  • went here recently to see a friend playing in the performance space upstairs (seemed to be an open mic kind of arrangement). getting a drink upstairs was a little tricky, and there seemed to be some kind of event going on downstairs too. the space upstairs is nice – big.

    the owner seemed incredibly nice, and that alone is worth a lot. the place itself is a bit on the shabby side, but for $2 beers, maybe worth it.

    • If it occurred on a Monday night, that was my event. The ‘DC Comedy Writers Group’ has an event there once a week. We love Bella Cafe because we can use the 7 words you can’t say on television while writing comedy. Loudly!

      Seriously – its a great place with inexpensive drinks. So to hang out for a bit (before or after 9:30 concerts), this is a cool option. Most of the bands playing at upstairs level are also pretty damn good! I discovered ’em by accident, and now I love ’em to death!


  • they often have music upstairs and it’s a nice space. a couple of sundays ago i went to a show there with a few bands playing. decent crowd, esp for a sunday. but the upstairs bar is kind of minimal and a little odd.

  • The owner is very nice. They are trying hard.

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