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  • god damnit.
    any other info?

  • I heard it was a dispute over whether it was a real or imaginary circle.

  • seriously… is there nothing that can be done at this spot? is there a worse intersection west of the river?

    • There’s been talk of actually reconstructing the infamous circle, but it’s way down near the bottom of DDOT’s priority list.

  • how could one tell the difference btw shots fired and fireworks last night? just askin

  • god damnit I just signed a lease on an apartment literally RIGHT THERE

  • So I love to read all the strange classifieds in the City Paper but I noticed one for a “massage parlor” I think on this corner. Sigh…

  • No, but I’m curious as to where there is one.

  • This corner needs major attention. 2nd shooting in the last 6 months. I live very close and feel safe 90% of the time but always hate hearing of this kind of bullshit.

  • http://tumblr.stereoj.am/ – video of fireworks launch pad right around the corner from there.

    i’m more inclined to say it was a firework injury rather than gunshot, but what do i know anyway.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      The fact that someone was shot and taken to the hospital is a pretty good indication that it was a shooting and not an injury from fireworks.

      • Maybe the person was shot with a flare gun…

        • It was a shooting and the guy will likely die in the next day or two when he’s pulled off the respirator. I don’t think it was a random act of violence.

    • i live a few blocks north of you and could see those fireworks from my stoop. loved them!

      Fire/ ems tweets are pretty accurate. if they didn’t say caused by fireworks, then i bet it wasn’t.
      but i still havent seen any other details.

  • Saw them hosing down the blood this AM…great way to start the day!

  • Is there a way to get more information on this and other similar incidents in our neighborhood? DC television and print media do a terrible job covering the crime in this neighborhood, and throughout the District. I understand that last nights shooting may seem like a ‘common’ occurrence but it is not and it shouldn’t be treated that way. Maybe some serious media attention would help wake up the government and the police???

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