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Judging Restaurants – Roti

by Prince Of Petworth July 5, 2011 at 12:00 pm 9 Comments

1275 1st St, NE in NoMa

A new Roti seems to be popping up every month or so I thought it was time for a proper judging. Above is their NoMa location but you can find all of their locations here. The picture of the Pita Sandwich with Chicken Roti looks pretty tasty. You can see their full menu here. Any must order items? Any fans in general?

  • Chris

    Pretty good upscale fast food. I wish they where open later.

  • Razman

    This place rocks. So many topping to choose from and the quality seems really good.

  • Andy(2)

    It was great when it first opened in L’Enfant but then the roasted vegetables got switched – not a fan of brocoli and carrots in my falafel.
    It is still much better than what was available in L’Enfant before.

  • Dan

    I absolutely love Roti, they have excellent assortment, and I haven’t tried anything that didn’t taste delicious. It’s a great lunch spot.

    I’m sure they have great reason to not be open later, but I agree with Chris above, they really should be open past 7pm. And some longer weekend hours. Sunday as well, unless it’s like a religious Chick-Fil-A reason not to be open on Sunday, which I won’t argue with, but still be sad I can’t eat it on Sunday.

    Roti has definitely become my new upscale fast food fav. I get Pita Steak Roti, with red pepper aioli and a ton of the fixings, including feta, cous cous, and eggplant.

  • egb

    I love this place. The Chipotle model seems to be popular (ala Merzi “Indian” in Penn Quarter) – not the most authentic but (generally) healthier than fast food and yummy. I’ve eaten at the one in L’Enfant four times since ‘discovering’ it randomly two weeks ago after visiting the post office in the mall. I usually bring my lunch to work because there’s not much else down there and nothing in that crappy old mall ever made me make the effort to take extra time on my lunch. I sure will now, though. If I ever get tired there is the new Potbelly and improved Au Bon Pain. I believe there will be several other restaurants soon too.

    I love the one in L’Enfant so much I tried to get my boyfriend to go the the NoMa one with me the other night before shopping at Harris Teeter. Imagine my sad face when we got there at 7:15 p.m. and it was closed. So, I agree with the above that the NoMa one needs to be open much later. We ended up at the Five Guys up the street which was open and had plenty of business in the hour we were there.

    • egb

      PS the felafel are pretty amazing – not bland, extra spices (not peppers, just herbs). The chicken kebab is a little salty but yummy (I love salty) and I love the cabbage slaw and cous cous.

  • Joe Blow

    Pretty solid kebabs and falafel. Nice enough salad. Not quite as spicy as I like, but then not as greasy as this fare usually is. A solid lunch or takeout option, not great but pretty good. Chipotle is a good comparison, so’s Baja Fresh.

  • Lala

    Love. love, love Roti.

  • Tres

    Great place to eat. You can split a giant order of hummus with someone, or get a damn salad if you want. You can even order something to suit a hungry man there.


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