Props to the Cops – Vol. 14

by Prince Of Petworth July 5, 2011 at 11:25 am 16 Comments

“Dear PoP,

This happened right outside the office I work in, at the former WB building in the 2100 block of Wisconsin Avenue, NW. Traffic was getting by for a while, then they closed Wisconsin off. The emergency responders seemed to be using a lot of different tactics to convince the person to surrender. Medical units were up close, then retreated, fire trucks lined Wisconsin for a time, then seem to have moved out of view of the person. Several negotiators, including a female at one point and a male at another point, were working with the person. Finally, two SWAT officers scurried along the ground perimeter of the building, under the person, and he surrendered. Couldn’t hear anything, but it was fascinating to see the negotiation happening. It is good to know that the negotiators succeeded in talking the person away from the ledge without rushing him. There were several opportunities.”

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  • Anonymous

    i dont understand what happened.

    • OP

      Part of why this posting is confusing is that PoP replaced the subject line of the email, “Jumper shuts Wisconsin Avenue down during Tuesday A.M. rush hour” with a more generic “Props to the Cops” headline without putting the main point (jumper, Wisconsin Avenue closed both directions) anywhere in the post. Oops. Kinda falls flat without proper introduction. (No pun intended).

  • Anonymous

    Or why there is a photo from LA?

    • Anonymous

      Oops, I see where that Photo is from… Ive never seen that angle before, very cool.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    The police talked down an individual threatening to jump off the ledge.

    • Maire

      Count me as one of the confused, I didn’t realize til the very end what had happened. What is that picture supposed to be of?

      • anon

        I think it’s like a Where’s Waldo type picture where you have to find the potential jumper. Is it the guy in the foreground?

  • Anon

    From context, it looks like someone was contemplating suicide via jumping from a high ledge

    • Anonymous

      When you say “high”, you mean 18 feet? Because that’s what the photo makes it look like. I mean, I wouldn’t recommend jumping 18 feet onto concrete but that’s not going to do much damage. Unless they planned to impale themself on the well-placed traffic cone.

  • laurel

    that’s a popular graveyard.

    • hardy

      people are dying to get in

  • Anonymous

    my next Caption Contest entry will be:
    ” It is good to know that the negotiators succeeded in talking the person away from the ledge without rushing him. There were several opportunities.”

    it doesn’t matter what the picture is, you can give me my t shirt now.

  • OP

    PoP took the high road and did not publish closer up photos: “…didn’t use the closeup pictures given the mental health issues at play here.” Although face is not shown in closer photos. But you can definitely see the gravity of the situation. That ledge is not extremely high, so the fall would not be life-threatening, which is why I think they didn’t push to rush and capture him.

  • Eli

    Not sure that keeping this guy from breaking his arm/leg was worth the expenditure of taxpayer dollars…

  • marybindc

    Umm, what was a SWAT team going to do that he wasn’t already thinking about doing? And that they were supposedly trying to prevent him from doing?

    • ontarioroader

      SWAT [or ERT as MPD calls them] have negotiators, as well as high-angle rescue trained officers. This isn’t the movies where all SWAT does is kick in doors and shoot up rooms.


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