Dear PoPville it looks like you can now add value to your Smarttrip Card by Computer

Photo by PoPville flickr user Mr. T in DC

“Dear PoPville,

It looks like WMATA is finally rolling out the option to add value to your SmarTrip card online! I recieved an email this morning telling me “You have been randomly selected to participate in a pilot of several new system functions. These functions will enable you to use your credit card to purchase stored value and passes for your SmarTrip® card or your Charm card. You will also be able to save your credit card information to use for future purchases, and to print detailed receipts.”

I tested it out online and it’s pretty nifty. There is a new section on the account page called Online Purchases. Like any other item you would buy you have a shopping cart and go through a checkout process. I enclosed a few screenshots for you to check out!

Overall I like that they are launching it, but think that the navigation is a little confusing – there seem to be more steps(clicks) than I think are needed.”

Anyone else try it out yet?

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  • Looking forward to utilizing this option! No more standing in line at the farecard machines! Thanks OP for sharing!

  • Welcome to the 21st century, WMATA.

  • I’m most curious about the usage history. Does it show point to point usage of the SmarTrip card, because I think that would be very useful for requesting refunds from Metro. It’s always made me furious that you can wait 25 or 30 minutes for a train that may or may not ever come and then have to pay to exit the same gate you entered.

    • +1, if they’d actually offer a refund

    • Hm, I didn’t think you did. I have left the station after giving up on the train (or running back to office to get something I forgot) numerous times, and it never charges. I asked the station manager, and he confirmed there is no charge if you enter and leave at the same station without riding.

      • I could have sworn I saw it take money off, but now I’m second guessing myself. I could be wrong.

  • Huzzah. Next up: being able to put the 7-day short trip or unlimited day passes on the card.

  • It would be nice if they let you add your Smart Benefits this way. As of now, I have to stand in front of a farecard machine for about a minute once a month to do this!

    • I konw snarky comments are bad.
      But as Seth Meyers would say “Really? One minute a month is too much rally? Two seconds a day is too much, really?”

      This is great for bus commuters that no longer have to deal with trying to add value on those silly bus machines.

      • It’s not great for bus commuters who get SmartBenefits. It can be inconvenient to go to a station to load SmartBenefits.

    • This is supposed to change as well. I work at a USG agency and received an email in May that Smart Benefits would be automatically loaded in the near future (however, the implementation of this has since been delayed. Surprise!).

      This is coinciding with the creation to two separate accounts (on one card): one for transit use, the other for parking.

  • I got the same e-mail this morning, but none of the new “add fare” stuff shows up on my page. Typical broke-ass Metro.

  • andy

    would be nice if the metrochek/smartbenefits would just show up on your card.

  • I don’t know that it happens every time but I’ve definitely had money taken off my card after leaving from same station.

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