Movement on Development Plans for Wonder Bread Factory and Chinatown CVS Buildings

by Prince Of Petworth July 7, 2011 at 11:00 am 20 Comments

@CCCAPrez of the Convention Center Community Association tweets some interesting info last night:

“@douglasdevdc gives update on #WonderBreadFactory will go fwd now w/ 3-story office building, w/o residential. Hopefully groundfloor retail.”

Some people had suggested the Wonderbread Factory located at 641 S St, NW, as a good location for the new Eataly coming to DC. Oh well.

Are you disappointed there will be no residential component?

@CCCAPrez also tweets that we may finally see some movement on the old CVS located at 7th and H St, NW by the Chinatown metro:

“@douglasdevdc is moving fwd w/ old CVS bldg, 7&HNW, w/ ground fl retail on 4-story office bldg developing lot next 2 Vapiano R2L arch #ANC2C”

  • Jason

    Regarding the Wonderbread fact, as long as it’s not an abandoned factory, I think it’s good for the neighborhood. The GA ave area around the Shaw/Howard metro is really starting to look up. Next summer the place will not be recognizable. Wonderful news (pun intended)

    • textdoc

      It’s great that this building will finally be renovated/occupied.

      I remember being interested in a rowhouse that was on the market in that area last fall… but when I drove by, I saw that it was directly across from the abandoned factory, and that nixed it for me.

      • Angry Parakeet

        Do you regret that decision now?

        • textdoc

          Not really. I’m pretty happy with the house I ended up getting.

          I didn’t see the interior of the house across from the abandoned factory (decided not to pursue it after realizing I’d have to walk home from Metro past an abandoned, deteriorating building), but I suspect that if I’d seen it in person, I might have thought it was too small.

          Still, some very cute rowhouses in that area!

  • Denizen of Tenallytown

    Regarding the old CVS on 7th and H – does anyone know what was in the floors above the CVS prior to renovation? All of the window frames were boarded up and painted over. I imagine some type of warehouse full of aging illicit goods imported from China.

    • Matt

      I don’t recall specifically, but I think it was another Chinese tchotchkes store, yeah. And I think there was another Chinese carryout next door.

      Boy, was it ever convenient to have a CVS at 7th and H.

      • Denizen of Tenallytown

        There was a Chinese market down H St as well. I bought one an awesome bamboo broom for $3 there once, and they had some decent asian produce. I think it was where Vapiano is today.

  • LeBloMi

    There’s a lot of residential coming in right next store. So not a big deal that there won’t be any in this building (although it would have made for some cool condos).

    I wonder if part of that decision was driven by the fact that there will be a huge building right next door, cutting off natural light on one whole side of the factory building?

  • LeBloMi

    *next door

    Was thinking about the CVS store at the same time :)

  • Rayful Edmond

    Should get quite a chunk of equity financing through NMTCs and HPTCs.

    • mphs

      Is he going to get financing without committed office tenants? Don’t hold your breath.

  • Dave C.

    I’d like to buy the Wonder Bread and Hostess Cake signs…

  • Anonymous

    This is great news about Wonderbread. That area really is taking off, as it should.

  • jm

    If you had to choose between office, retail, or housing for wonderbread, I think offices is the best choice, as it will diversify the area a bit more.

    there’s plenty of empty retail right here at 7th and offices around the corner will hopefully help that problem.

    and any new housing built here–well I have a feeling I wouldn’t be able to afford it anyway.

  • Scott

    Great news for both neighborhoods! Regarding Eataly…I wish it were right in my hood but we need to be realistic and be glad that we get this in DC period. They need to be located someplace where they will succeed and I still say that CityCenter is the place. Close to metro, all the great Penn Quarter food, and convention center. CityCenter could well be one of DC’s best neighborhoods when completed.

  • ledroit parker

    ok, so no eataly in there, fine. i’ll settle for a trader joes.

  • Jon

    I wonder if they’re actually planning on using the existing structure, or if they’re just saving the facade. I’ve heard it’s in pretty rough shape structurally.

  • TCres

    I’ll believe it when I see construction. Wonder how much he managed to extract from the city to break ground this time.

  • Pete

    Great question about structural re-use versus maintenance of facade only: I think it’s critical to maintain as much of the exterior character as possible. Nothing’s less appealing than sterile metal-and-glass pre-fab plazas. It has been an eyesore, but an eyesore with tremendous potential if developed with right vision and mentality.

  • wondering

    Does “Hopefully groundfloor retail.” mean that is definitly out of the question for Eatly? It sounds like there is still a possibility for the ground floor.


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